My Favourite Luigi Death Stare Video So Far...

I've been living under a rock on a two week holiday, so forgive me if you're all tired of Luigi Death Stares but you're all going to have indulge me this one time. Of all the Mario Kart/Luigi videos/GIFs doing the rounds so far, this one is by far my favourite.

It helps that it features Drake's awesome new song 0-100 (I'm a closet Drake fan) but it's also in the editing, the timing... everything. Of what I've seen so far, nothing captures the Luigi Death Stare better.


    Sorry mark but you're wrong.

    Music is NSFW in case anyone wants to play this without headphones in the office.

      Yeah he's got his bitches, niggers and 360.
      That's all I got from that clip...

    I liked the bit where he said nigga

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