Naughty Dog Targeting 1080p/60 Frames Per Second For Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog has always been known for its commitment to brilliant visual fidelity, but now it looks as though they're trying to push boundaries again with Uncharted 4. In a post on their official website Naughty Dog confirmed its targeting a full HD 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.

Which, considering the sheer aesthetic quality of the demo we saw at E3, seems quite remarkable.

"All footage you see in the trailer was captured completely in engine," confirmed Naughty Dog, in the post. "That’s Nathan Drake rendered in 1080p full glory using the power of our PS4 engine. All footage you see in the trailer was captured completely in engine. We’re targeting 60fps for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and as you can see the visual fidelity for our character models will reach new heights. In fact, thanks to the power of the PS4, right now Drake’s Uncharted 4 model is over double the polygons of Joel from The Last of Us PS3."

The demo shown at E3 is now viewable at 1080p/60 frames per second. It'll require a fairly beefy computer and a decent web connection to stream. Head in this direction to watch.

Naught Dog really are ahead of the curve when it comes to maximising PlayStation technology. Can't wait to see/play the end result of this.

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    Unless it makes heavy use of tessellation, 'double the polygon count' isn't anything to wave around. :\

      It is if they're using the last of us as the comparison, the character models in that game are already very good.

        But that's DX9. PS4 is DX11 capable and should be running DX10 at a minimum. Polygon count goes up a lot.

          Yeah I think Sony have their own Api that they use though, not directX, but I'm sure there's a lot of features overlapping. It's weird that they focus on polygon count, because it's all of the rad skin and hair shaders and subsurface light scattering and junk that makes his face look so real, not just raw polygons. Its like they're sticking with the same marketing line thats been used since the PS1. Polygons baby!

          Although I doubt they will use Dx they will probably have tessalation. Killzone did.

          Edit: to clarify the ps4 does not support Dx, but has multiple solutions to choose from. One of them is very close to Dx but I don't think in house studios are going to use the Api made for developers who are just porting from pc/xbox instead of the ones made for the ps4. The other Api's should support tessalation as I said and are, as far as I know, custom versions of opengl, which supports most Dx features anyway.

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    If they can pull this off it'll cement Naughty Dog as the best (in terms of visuals, anyway) developers currently working on Playstation.
    Throwing a game together at those standards without a variable frame rate is something I wouldn't have expected to see this early in the console generation - but if anyone can do it, it's Naughty Dog.

      Frankly, I'm not sure who else I'd put up there with them at the moment. The Last of Us is probably the best looking game I've ever played.

        I think Guerilla and Sony Santa Monica are the only other studios I'd consider as "competition".

      Including cross platform, I think Naughty Dog are probably the No. 1 studio at the moment. Their games aren't the most original, but the story and gameplay of their franchises are just so much fun! .

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    Saw the E3 reveal...if it is darker AND later than Uncharted 3, is there any possiblity of a Last of Us tidbit in this game? I hope so...Clickers anyone lol

      A Thieves End... Drake has to leave his life behind and settle down in witness protection or some equivalent...gets older....moves to rural US.... starts a family.... changes his name to Joel...

        That's why Sarah's a blonde, because she takes after her mother, Elena Fisher. *mindblown*

      Apparently there's a newspaper at the start of uncharted 3 in the bar that has a headline saying "scientists still struggling to understand deadly fungus".

      Although, naughty dog have said they were supposed to take that out but forgot about it. So perhaps it's not official that they are in the same universe... Uncharted 3 took place in 2011 and the outbreak in the last of us is in 2013 so I guess it depends on what year uncharted 4 takes place.

      Still if it is, it's a little depressing to think that if the characters survive this and they probably end up becoming infected and dying. Nolan North has said he believes that this will be the last uncharted game so who knows maybe the infection is the reason why...

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        Dang, didn't know about that newspaper, thats cool.

        I guess the only plausible explanation now is that Drake finds a slightly milder version of the fancy goblet from Indiana Jones. Instead of causing him to age into a dusty skeleton and explode, he just develops a few crows feet and ages approx. 15-20 years, conveniently just in time for the witness protection program to hide him from the Neo-nazis, and the subsequent fungal outbreak which was unearthed by neo-Nazi archeological activities.

        Full circle.

        this will be the last uncharted game

        I can't imagine that being the case, not if it goes and sells another bajillion units. Although Naughty Dog have a history of moving from IP to IP as they move from one generation of PS hardware to the next. So perhaps they'll at least put it on the back burner for a while and do something new. I'd probably rather they quit while it's still good rather than keep flogging a dead horse like Santa Monica did with God of War Ascension.

          I agree. Logically speaking, if it makes enough money there will probably be more in some way or form.

          It's not official just Nolan North giving his opinion. He thinks it's the last one that Naughty Dog want to do.

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        Which universe exists in which?

        In the Last of Us DLC "Left Behind":
        In the store that sold Halloween masks et, there is a Nathan Drake costume.c

        The last game of Uncharted and the sequel to The Last of Us will be called... The First of Them : Drakes Final artifact

    "Targeting 60fps." If the framerate gets in the way of 1080p goodness, they are going to sacrifice framerate.

      As they should, 1080p is the number one priority. And to pre-empt everyone else coming in here saying "Id rather constant 30fps than wildly changing 60 to 40 fps" - that just proves how shit 30fps is compared to 60fps.

        Between this and talking about DX9/10/11 on the Playstation, I'm beginning to wonder if you're just trying to hurt our brains with your comments.

        I'll bite anyway... if 1080p (a resolution) is the number 1 priority, and people prefer a fixed frame rate to a variable one, how do we then jump to proving that 30fps is shit?

          They prefer a fixed frame rate, because they get used to the goodness of 60fps and how it makes a difference to input. Then, when it dips to 40fps (still a lot more than a locked 30fps), they get all up in arms about how terrible the game is playing for a couple of seconds.

          On the flipside, a 30fps locked game is playing this terribly (and more) for 100% of the time, but people slowly get a little used to it, so it's not as much of a shock as coming from 60fps.

            It's just consistency. It's not immersive when you see a framerate drop to 40 from 60, as long as it's really solid 30fps it doesn't jar them quite as much.

              Yeah, it's jarring. But if you step back and take a look, it's because it's jarring to go from fluid motion to shitty motion. If we're playing on shitty motion 100% of the time, eventually we get used to it and our brain compensates somewhat.

    What we saw at E3 was a cinematic. It may have been running in the game engine, and it may have also been 1080p at 60fps. But it was still a cinematic, which you would expect to look good. We saw no gameplay, and that's what is going to be the ultimate tell.

      Really? I haven't seen it yet but if there is no game play why are we even talking?

        Well because the cinematic showed is what they're targeting for the actual game too.

        Yep, really.

        There you go, you can watch it for yourself. Zero gameplay.

          Haha ok 3 things. Really good looking cinematic, very poor in terms of detail of story (but that's not too different from others) and no way it will look anything like that in game play. I don't care for Sony, Just personal taste, But I really want them to produce an amazing looking game that is also a fantastic game. I am yet to see it on the ps4 but if they do do it surely they will lift the bar across the board.

            *Cough* AC:BF *Cough*

            But seriously Naughty Dog games are always amazing graphically, so it isn't so much of a stretch for this to be rendered in their current engine with the intent of the full game models looking this good.

    Last i saw Watch Dogs was aiming for this too weren't they? And alllll games releasing on the new gen... so far with none making it (within my knowledge).

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