New And Improved Versions Of Metro Coming August 26

The new-and-improved current-gen versions of 4A Games' excellent Metro shooters are coming out on August 26, publisher Deep Silver just announced. See some beautiful images from Metro Redux here.


    Why is this happening? These games are not even old. This trend is starting to become ridiculous.

      That's what I was thinking. It's a bit sad that I've had Metro 2033 since launch and I haven't even gotten around to playing it before the remake comes along...

        To be fair you've had 4 years, and haven't they completely re-done 2033 in Last Light engine? I never played 2033 but enjoyed Last light so may pick this up if the price is right.

      2033 iskinda old... I can see why they'd port that to the new engine anyway. But Last Light? That feels like it should be a patch for current owners.

        On Steam if you already own LL or 2033 you get 50% off the preorder, also both Redux's include all the DLC, so $25 to upgrade both games to the new engine and get all the DLC for both. If you already have the DLC that is a pretty raw deal but TBH I'm sold.

          Last Light Complete Pack is only $6.79 today, I'd say that's the better deal.

            For Last light definitely, but the remastered 2033 at $12.50 seems like a good deal to me, and as it's only $25 to get both (I'm a completionist) I think it's not too bad a deal, at least for me.

            Don't get me wrong, it's ridiculous that they are remastering a game so early, especially since it's using the same engine...

      Because the two consoles in question have no backward compatibility and the publishers think people might want to play the game on them?

      The "no backward compatibility" feature also means that they don't need to compete with the cheaper PS3 or X360 copies of the games, which helps.

      The Metro games are solid benchmarking tools for pc. This is the only good reason I could see them rereleasing these.

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    There is a reason some franchises are called "cash cows"...
    Its because they get milked for every last cent!

      But they are cash cows that cost less than $10 dollar usually. Better than EA milking our money with full releases.

    August 29th* Fucks sake.

    To those who don't know, if you already own Metro 2033 or Last Light on Steam you get 50% off the preorder of the relevant game, so right now I can pick up 2033 Redux and Last Light Redux for $25 in a combo, gotta love Steam.

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