New Crackdown Goes Multiplayer In A Big Way

New Crackdown Goes Multiplayer in a Big Way

"Hello, Agent." Man, we've all missed that voice, huh?

Not only is original Crackdown creator Davey Jones leading the re-invigoration of the fan-favourite open-world series, he's working with action-game maestros Platinum Studios to bring the game to Xbox One. The guys who made Metal Gear: Revengeance and Bayonetta going open-world? This could be very good.


    No he's not, he isn't working with Platinum at all.

    Crackdown was considered a fan favourite? Personally I loved it, but everyone else who played it that I know didn't

      I loved Crackdown 1, AT FIRST. It felt like it opened strong, had cool mechanics but repeated itself over and over. My group of friends got it and enjoyed it too, but if you look back on it, its basically a whole game made up of other game's side activities. There wasn't a strong main campaign, but rather, you drove around until you felt like climbing something or murdering a bunch of gang members. It was fun though.

    I'm glad that absolutely everyone in that city is a hard-bitten criminal!

    Um...they're not working with Platinum. Where the hell did you get that from?

    Crackdown 1 was amazing, 2 was pretty much the same game but there was something about it that I really really didn't like, I just don't know what it was though.

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