Nintendo Hints At N64 Titles On Wii U

Nintendo's been quiet about when games from the Nintendo 64 might be coming to the Wii U Virtual Console. But there's a new mention of "the future addition of titles from the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64 systems" on the web page for the console's eShop digital storefront.

Hopefully, this means that titles from the landmark system will be hitting Wii U soon and that Nintendo's going to be beefing up their Virtual Console catalogue the way that fans want them to.

Update: It's been pointed out elsewhere that previous mentions of adding the N64 catalogue to the Wii U have happened before via the console's system notifications.

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    There were some absolutely amazing games during the N64's lifespan and I have incredibly fond memories of it, being my first console.

    Sadly I don't think any of Rare's games will make it over. Rights for those are bound to be messy. DKR for example contains the Kong's owned by Nintnedo and the rest of the cast owned by Rare.

    I already have a 64 and can emulate the games i didn't get to play. PASS

    Rare is being wasted with MS and their Kinect sports games IMO

      That's what you call an understatement.

    C'mooooon Jet Force Gemini!

    I'd ask for Waverace but I'd prefer an HD remake.

      How Jet Force Gemini isn't more widely known is beyond me, such good memories.

    As long as they upscale them to HD.

    It was the polygon generation, it can be done! (Plus they did it on the Wii upscaling them from 240 to 480, so there's a precedent!)

      Emulation and upscale should be common place imo.

      I tried the ps2 emulator again on my pc to see where its at. 1080p60fps on my i5 and 7870 in most games. The wii, ps and xbox should all be able to emulate and upscale gc, ps2 and xbox1 games respectively IMHO. Not having the feature is shocking, especially with Ms and sony and all the 'remasterings' we have to buy if we want to play our old games.

      It simply doesn't have to be how it is but it seems we have accepted it.

    Give me pilot wings, Perfect dark, and Star wars:Racer, all upscaled, and i WILL buy a Wii U

      I played Perfect Dark on the 360 again, but man, it would be so great on the Wii U. It would just feel like... home.

    I dont think the Wii U has the power to generate the fog that was the N64s forte. Some games just wont be the same, namely throk 2 and superman 64

      Superman 64 is a game the likes of which we aren't likely to ever see again... :( :)

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