Nintendo's Big New 3DS Game Is Code Name: STEAM

Announced today during a 3DS developer event at E3, it looks like Nintendo is releasing a brand new game on the 3DS. It launches in 2015.

The game seems to take place in London, and it features airships. Think Steampunk (Jason, who is attending the event, says the game reminds him a little of Valkyria Chronicles.)

The game's visual elements take inspiration from American comic books. To that end, the game seems cel-shaded. Hitoshi Yamagami, who is known for working on games like Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Xenoblade, is involved in the project — as is Intelligent Systems (they're behind Advance Wars). The game is a turn-based strategy elements "with a lot of unique elements taken from action games," Yamagami says. You fight aliens.

The "Steam" in the title refers to a group set up by Abraham Lincoln. Seriously. The game also sounds like it wants to have a wide appeal, despite being a strategy game:






    Oh no! Nintendo is planning on having steam-like sales for their entire product range!! They're planning on stealing everybodys wallets with cheap prices!!!

      Noooooo!!! My wallet can't take it anymore!

        Enjoy Legend of Zelda: Link between worlds for $20 dollars AUD!


    seriously, Valkyria Chronicles-esque & steam punk-ish RPG on 3DS? I'm all over that.

    Last edited 12/06/14 11:40 am

      I know, right? I mean, seriously:
      "Intelligent Systems"
      "Turn-based strategy"
      There is nothing there I don't like.

    Intelligent Systems.

    I'm so there. Best E3 ever.

    Code Name: STEAM
    Steam is made by a Valve.
    Valve make Half-Life
    I provided three reasons before this one

    Half-Life 3 confirmed for ->3<-DS.

      I usually just read the comments but your post was that hilarious I had to create an account and like!

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