Nintendo's New Steampunk Game Looks Much Better In Action

Nintendo's New Steampunk Game Looks Much Better In Action

Yesterday, we got our first look at Code Name: STEAM, a new strategy game for the 3DS. It sounded awesome — but the screenshots we got to see? They didn't make the game look so hot. Fear not, though: Code Name: STEAM looks nice in motion.

Here are 45 minutes of the game in action, with some developer commentary. To refresh your memory, the game takes inspiration from American comic books and has you fighting as a part of a special force set up by Abraham Lincoln to fight aliens inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. Bonkers!

I'm looking forward to this game dropping in 2015 — not just because it has a neat premise, but because it's being made by the folks who have been involved in great projects like Advance Wars and Fire Emblem.

This was shown during Nintendo's Treehouse Live @E3 livestream, which you can watch here.


    Steampunk XCom by the guys who brought us Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, what's not to love? It looks gorgeous.

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    Why does that look like the American flag over Buckingham Palace at 1:58?

      Doesn't look like Buckingham to me, as the shape of the building is quite different. The more likely explanation is an American embassy or something to that effect.

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