No Man's Sky, You Win E3, Forever

No Man's Sky, You Win E3, Forever

Spaceship fighting. Space dinosaurs. Pretty colours. No Man's Sky looked great when it debuted last year, but now it just looks like the most exciting video game on the planet. or any planet.


    I’m not certain that this will be a great game, but what they’ve shown there looks pretty damn awesome.

    It doesn’t “win” E3, but I’ll put it down as ‘coolest game template’ so far.

      I would put this in the category of "I really hope this is fun". Spore is the prime example of a game that excited many, presented complex procedural content and yet was just dull when it finally arrived and you played it. Assuming that is an engine render, they have met the technical challenges - but there needs to be a fun game in there somewhere and I am not sure what it is yet.

    I don't know why people are looking forward to this, all it's going to be is a shell of empty promises and failed expectations. I wouldn't expect a large fully funded studio to be able to pull of something like this, let alone some indie devs.

    So my understanding is that other users will alter the content of the "Universe" like resources, crashed ships and names, but you wont be able to interact with them in anyway?

    Might get a bit lonely, like Minecraft in single player?

    I like the potential for exploration that it hinted at, and the seamless transitions between atmosphere and space flight, but I didn't get a great feel for what the actual meat of the game will be.

    Because if it's a procedurally generated game about just shooting stuff without a driving narrative, it honestly wouldn't hold my attention for more than about an hour.

      My thoughts exactly.

      It’s an interesting looking game world with an impressive engine but it needs to be far more than that before it’s a great game. I need to see a story concept and what Cliffy B would call the “30 seconds of fun” before I get super-hyped.

      It’s got everyone’s interest, but nobody in their right mind would be running out to pre-order on the basis of that.

      Precisely. I don't mind procedurally generated (PG) at all but sometimes, you still need that strong pre-created content in there. So if this has missions in there for you to do (and you can still do that in PG games) that are half decent, then consider me in. Not every PG game needs to be an open sandbox game that feels directionless.

      While I completely agree with you, I would've said the same thing about Minecraft, and I have no idea how many hours I lost to that.

      Definitely on my "watch very closely" list though.

    Don't get me wrong, it looks cool, but i'm struggling to see where the 'game' part of it is. On the planet surface, it looked like a form of the Pokemon Snap mechanic, where discovering species will earn you some variety of reward, and then some (assumedly PvE) space fighting. Maybe if it takes on some qualities like EQ:Next/EQ:Landmark, and you can create planets with your friends it will be great, but I don't know if that's within the scope of a 10 person development team.

    I'd buy it just for some space combat.

    I wonder if Sony have sent them a Morpheus dev kit...

    This looks freaking awesome! Im so ready.

    This game looks amazing. It also really adds to my excitement that they are using one of my favourite songs from one fo my favourite bands. Debutante by 65daysofstatic. Great stuff!

    Looks like a good start but the scale is a bit off for me (As in 3 secs from surface to space) If they bring that up a bit, that would be great

    Pretty cool but yeah, will need something more to keep you playing. A sense of progression and advancement. A goal you can work towards other than see all the things.
    Have like a mothership or something that you can upgrade from stuff you find, as well as your fighter ship. Make a zoo on it from all the species you discover and have a museum of artefacts and then be able to invite your friends over to see all the awesome you found.

    Or maybe make it so you are on the run - you have to keep moving but along the way see cool stuff and collect data about the galaxy that helps your AI decrypt an ancient program from a precursor species that will unlock a safe haven.
    Then when you get there, make a zoo, museum etc - catalogue the universe.
    This would also give you a reason to be shooting people.

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