Off-Road Truck Simulator Spintires Is Now Out On Steam

Video: Off-road truck simulator Spintires is now out on Steam, exactly one year after the successful conclusion of its Kickstarter campaign. The launch trailer, which was released a few weeks ago, should be able to show you what the finished game is like (though I believe the actual game has significantly less wubs).


    A friend mentioned to me this was out a week ago, completely forgot. Time to abuse the credit card again.

    I watched my brother playing this and was quite impressed, the trailer doesn't do the physics justice.
    The way the tires sink in the mud and carve it out, the way the water reacts and other little visual aspects were really well done.
    It will become porn for off-road nuts

    What do you do in this game? It sounds interesting but what is the "game"?

      If you needs to ask, it probably isn't for you. A lot of games are shedding the notion of what "game" means.

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