OK, Let's Figure Out What This Fourth-Person Game Is

You might've seen a look at Pavilion — the PlayStation exclusive calling itself a fourth-person game — a few times before. It's tough to parse exactly what's going on in the indie puzzle creation, even with a new trailer. The best new clue comes from a really weird, really obscure Pac-Man game, where the iconic character goes a little crazy.

In a new post on the official PlayStation Blog, dev studio VisionTrick gives a few more details:

… we'll try to shed some light on the gameplay by presenting the three fundamental components that make up Pavilion's puzzle design. These three things are woven together and all three aspects need to be taken into account when solving puzzling situations.

1. The first of the three components is the main character seen running around in the world of Pavilion. His behaviours and personality needs to be observed, understood and aided for you both to traverse and progress in the game.

2. The second component is the environment. The layout of the surrounding world in which the main character is travelling will affect his traversal.

3. The third component is the interactive objects which can be manipulated and thus affect both the environment and indirectly the main character.

VisionTrick also says that their upcoming PS4/Vita release is a bit like Pac-Man 2:

We are also happy to see conversations about the 'fourth person' term. As many have touched upon, the fourth person idiom partly relates to the indirect steering of the main character, much like in everyone's favourite game Pac Man 2, but with a totally different kind of logic.

Everyone's favourite game? I didn't even remember Pac-Man 2 existed until I looked it up.

Some weird stuff happens in that clip, including Pac-Man eating a dead caterpillar. But it does give some more insight as to what the player's role will be in Pavilion. It sort of seems like you're almost a god-like being steering a single person towards some sort of spiritual reckoning. Cool. As long as there's no insect eating…


    But you can't have a fourth person game!
    You can have 1st and 3rd person, and you would have to be a genius to figure out some sort of way of making a 2nd person game.

      Indeed, there is no logical fourth person. Some languages have grammar loosely called 'fourth person' to distinguish proximate and obviative third person perspectives from each other, but they are nevertheless still third person perspectives.

      A second person game would be one where the camera viewpoint is bound to things the main character interacts with, such as enemies or devices. There have been a few games that use second person perspective in particular scenes, but I don't know of any that use it for the entire game.

      This game is third person (the camera is attached to neither the object nor the subject) with some phase changing mechanics. Calling it 'fourth person' is just a way to stimulate free media coverage on the idea that there might be some unique new dimension to the game, but from the video above at least, there's nothing here that hasn't been done before.

        Wolfenstien has a SPS (Second Person Shooter) mode:



      i would argue that this is a second person game, as you don't directly control the character on screen, he is reacting to the environment that you - as an observer - are manipulating.

    It's a first person game. The avatar running around the game world is an NPC. You are whatever force is cajoling it around the map.

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