OK, Now THIS Is A Next-Gen Video Game

OK, Now THIS Is A Next-Gen Video Game

Since Assassin's Creed: Unity won't be making an appearance on last-gen systems, it is also not making any compromises with what they can do in the game. It's a game built entirely around new hardware. And damn if it doesn't show, based on the footage that Ubisoft debuted today during E3.

The scene opens with an assassin staring down at a crowd of people — and our reaction at Kotaku HQ was definitely "wow, that is a lot of people."

You can see this in action here:

The rest of the demo goes on to show the franchise's standard sneaking and scaling, but where it really shines is in the level of detail. This world actually feels populated, and that's rare for a video game. The amount of people almost seems overwhelming at times. It's impressive. We'd seen the game's locale, France, before--but not like this.

Assassin's Creed: Unity will feature 4 player co-op, which we saw in action earlier during Microsoft's E3 presentation.


    Amazing, just amazing. Dont downgrade this Ubisoft!!!

    Ubisoft can't be trusted. We'll see what it looks and plays like upon release.

    Also, this should have been in development before Ass Pirates, which means it'll probably have a lot more old-school Ass Creed tone than the fun we expect/want.

      I really hope Ubisoft learn from the shitstorm they caused with Watch Dogs. They are holding onto too many good IPs right now.
      Most of the interesting games coming out in the next year or two are from Ubisoft. I hope they listen.

    But will it have pirate ships and naval battles? I want them!

      I don't think I do want them in another AC game, but I do want that rumoured pirate stand alone game.

      ACIV was great right up until it reminded you that it was an AC game. Once you slogged through those sections it would be great again.

        It would be great if Ubisoft could just make a pirate game.

    I just want to point out that Assassin's Creed games have always felt populated - although the size of the crowd is kind of jaw dropping and outdoes Hitman (the previous standard bearer) by a factor of 10-1

    Looks like Game Boy Advance at its best with that Ultra HD video.

    Macdonalds burgers look this good in the pictures too, expect graphical downgrades, and all the usual excuses

    It's probably not going to look like that. Not falling for it. I'll wait for release to decide on this one. I'm kinda Assassined out.

    I call bull shit, still waiting on my Watch_Dogs game to be patched on PC..

      As much as it'll probably be scaled down, was watch dogs played on stage last year? Or 100% pre render?

        Shadows, lighting and particle effects from the 2013 demo are all missing and you're left with a weird look that's better than last gen but missing the soul & detail of next gen ( current ).

        Well animated main story scenes though.


    Am I the only one who just felt the entire sequence was "Meh, just another Assassins Creed?" Cause that trailer did crap all for me.

    Built entirely for new hardware, and by that you mean built for consoles while the PC will get a subpar port.

      Probably. Because they can't target the infinite hardware permutations I can have with my 486 DX40. They can only target the lowest common denominator for PCs which will be a matrox video card rammed between the cheeks of an AMD 286 (with turbo button pressed) buzzing in the back of a sweatshop making underware in Kinshasa.

    I saw a few improvements that I approve of, I will just be happy if they get rid of those damn-awful, nigh-on impossible at times contradictory to the story "optional goals" in the missions.

    I'll get it if there are no automatic mission fails.

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