SteelSeries Stratus XL: One Of The Best Compact iOS Controllers Now Supersized

One of the Best Compact iOS Controllers Just Got Supersized

SteelSeries' original Stratus — a compact game controller designed to complement pocket-friendly iOS devices like the iPhone — was revealed just a few months ago at CES. But the company is already rolling out an updated version that will appeal to anyone who felt cramped using the tiny original.

The aptly-named Stratus XL trades portability for comfort, with a form factor similar to the Xbox One's controller. Powered by a pair of AA batteries that promise to keep you in the game for around 40 hours, the controller's got dual analogue sticks, four pressure-sensitive action buttons, and four shoulder buttons, making it ideal for everything from racing titles to first-person shooters.

One of the Best Compact iOS Controllers Just Got Supersized

Available later this year for a yet to be disclosed sum, SteelSeries claims the Stratus XL will work with over 300 games on the iTunes App Store. And since it uses a standard Bluetooth connection for pairing, hopefully it will be compatible with a laptop as well, allowing its gaming repertoire to be further expanded with emulators and the like. [SteelSeries via SlashGear]


    It connects via bluetooth but for some reason (according to the Slashdot article), it's only compatible with iOS and not anything else. What the hell?

      Don't worry, someone will have PC drivers working as soon as it releases anyway.

        I'd be more interested in using in on Android. I already have a good PC gamepad.

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