Only 1000 Copies Of Sniper Elite 3’s Limited Special Edition Will Be Made

Only 1000 Copies Of Sniper Elite 3’s Limited Special Edition Will Be Made

X-ray damage shots are back in vogue now and given that current-gen consoles and PCs are more than capable of offering this, uh, “service”, what choice does a game developer making a brutal, violence-filled game have? Rebellion, with its upcoming stealthy shooter Sniper Elite 3, is just one studio providing not only X-ray headshots, but a special edition of the game that will set you back almost $US200.

Let’s ignore how I managed that segue in the opening paragraph and focus on the details of “Limited Special Edition”, as Rebellion likes to call it. Only available from the developer’s storefront, this PC-only package comes with a load of extras, all of which you’ll find below:

Sniper Elite 3 PC game supplied on 2 DVDs Access to ALL current and future Sniper Elite 3 PC DLC packs Bespoke game tin protected by an individually numbered card sleeve Wax-sealed secret dossier including: tank & weapon schematics, maps of North Africa, spotter’s guides and more! A5 card hand-signed by members of the Sniper Elite 3 development team Limited edition t-shirt Hand-illustrated playing cards representing American, British, Italian and German forces A2 firing range poster 6 x original Sniper Elite 3 postcards Woven Sniper Elite 3 badge with heat activated adhesive backing Printed instruction manual

In addition, only 1000 units will be produced, so owning one will make you unique among your friends, unless of course one of them also picks it up.

This situation however is made rather unlikely as the special edition doesn’t come cheap — especially if you live outside the US. The package itself is priced at $US149.99, but you’ll have to include $US45 for shipping to Australia. That’s a grand total of $US194.99, or $207.69 at current exchange rates.

Not exactly a bargain, but I’m sure price is just a small part of the equation for the dedicated head-manglers out there.

Sniper Elite 3: Limited Special Edition [Rebellion]


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