Panda Goes Beserk, Wants To Kill You And Three Friends

Panda Goes Beserk, Wants To Kill You And Three Friends

In Bearzerkers, there is a mad panda on the loose. You play with three other friends, and need to be the one who doesn't get trampled. As the devs put it, "you don't have to run faster than the bear to survive, just faster than the person next to you."

Continuing the long-overdue resurgence of local multiplayer, Bearzerkers is currently up on Kickstarter, but you can also grab a demo now if you want to try it out.


    Didn't AIE give these guys 30K for this project? It was in an article posted sometime on Kotaku today.

      As awesome as that is, it costs much more that, that's why they're on kickstarter (which is what I'm assuming you're trying to get at).

    I'd hate to say anything bad about what sounds like a local production (those are aussie accents, right?) but those armadillo(?) voices are pretty cringe-inducing.

      I'm glad someone else said it. It was annoying me so much that I closed the video.

    The demo requires two players to play.. It's local.. That's dumb... Trying not to be hateful as I am excited for this game...

    It looks like a re-skinned Doritos Dash of Destruction. Hope it does well, though.

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