Payday 2 Coming To Xbox One, PS4

Payday 2 Coming to Xbox One, PS4

The super-popular criminal heist game is making its way to Microsoft and Sony's newest video game consoles. During a livestream session on Twitch showing off the upcoming Big Bank expansion, members of the Overkill developer studio confirmed an earlier tweet that said that the team-based co-op shooter would be going next-gen. No time frame was given for release of PS4 or XB1 versions.

The Overkill devs also said that Payday 2 publisher 505 Games have agreed to fund 20 more months of development on the game, which will ensure more DLC comes out for the game.


    Apparently there's this new Battlefield game that looks a bit more epic which is also coming to next current gen.

      I played Hard Line last night, its like a hall of fame of all the worst bugs in BF4.

        I disagree. It's netcode is currently in a much better state than BF4's was for the first 6 months. Over all it plays smoother than most BF4 servers currently do with the improved netcode.

        The map at first seems a bit small, but this is by far the best city environment we've seen in a frosbite engine. If you explore the map, there's clearly some sections designed to be used in other modes, not in the beta modes.

        The Heist mode is really fun. Had a great time playing it by myself and with friends. It's a winner of a mode, although I do wonder if once everyone knows the maps and the mode well, whether it'll actually work. Theoretically one team just has to set up base on top of the tower and they could win the match.

        Blood Money can be fun, but a bit like heist, I think if the map was bigger and distances were longer it'd be better. I don't think I would play this mode much on release.

        Driving is much better, but the cars need a hand break.

        Grappling hook needs to be changed to work anywhere, currently it's too useless.

        Some of the guns need balancing in damage, fire rate and recoil.

        Over all I am pretty much certain I will get the game. At first I was a bit... but now I've played a lot and really like Heist. The only downside with the BETA is that I have played that map too much, where there's little more to be gained. I wish they included a second map at least in the beta.

          I agree with everything you said except the first bit. Everyone I played with last night agreed that it felt ultra laggy, I was getting a whole ton of kill trades and there were tons of times I went 100-0 instantly. We were also all getting the packet loss symbol showing up all the time.

          My BF4 feels much smoother since the Netcode patch but it varies from server to server.

    Will play again once it's out on Xbone, loved my time with this game on 360.

    awesome! PayDay 2 had a lot of potential, but because of the fairly large time required to level-up, plus their timing with the next-gen console releases, this got really hard to find decent players after just a month or two

    lmao. Get the f*ck out of here, 505. You couldn't even patch you crappy game on current gen. How long has it been since the game was released & the game is still in beta state. Eat a dick, 505.

      This made me lol. Pretty over-the-top response, but I'm sure you have reason for it!

        no stickman! eat a dick everyone eat a dick because im 2yo and my hormones are having a nerdrage!!!

        Over the top allright... what was so wrong with Payday 2 on last-gen? i dont recall having any problems....

          What, you mean apart from the fact that the PC version has had 29 updates & a total of 9 DLC's?! The fact that the 360 version IS still the same game as it was when the game was in beta on the PC?!
          The fact that we were promised the game would be kept up-to-date along side the PC version & would receive most, if not all the same DLC?! No, nothing is wrong with it.
          Don't try & tell me it has to do with Microsoft's strict policies on game updates, because no game has taken 10 months to receive an update due to Microsoft's policies. Try to get a response from 505 on Twitter & you'll be blocked from their page. It's a pathetic cash grab from a pathetic developer. I'll be avoiding all future games from them, & I'll be advising all of my friends to do the same.

          Oh, & FYI... I'm 27. But judging by your spelling & grammar, I'd say you're the 2 year old.

      The game's not in beta, hasn't been for a long damn time! The problem OK had was updating it regularly through the PSN and XBL networks. On PC, there haven't been and major problems at all and it's matured into a fantastic game. On the consoles though, they haven't been able to patch it until recently due to the difficult framework of the console networks and hurdles they've imposed like XBL's patch surcharge which, if the 360 version had received the 29 updates since release last year, would have cost 505/Overkill something like $250k alone. At least, that's how it's being told. They're not the only dev to run into major issues with the console networks.

        I was under the understanding that they removed those patch surcharges ages ago... like around the same time they announced the then unreleased XB1 would have no surcharges either...

          didnt take effect till late last year actually.... not that long ago...

            It that case daym, yeah at those fees you would not be the most supportive.... have they patched since ?

              tbh im not sure but there isnt really anything that needs patching imo


    I love the fuck out of this game, but the biggest problem is the community, it's toxic, particularly the console playing portion of it. I'm not being all PC master race (MAAAAASTER RAAAACE!! We're taking it back!) about it-- I'd be mega pissed too, if I could see all this cool shit happening to my game, none of which I could access because not a single update has reached my platform due to technical issues and all the attention seems to be going exclusively to the PC version. But then again, Ithere are some (particularly on FB) who could consider STFU somewhat with vitriol considering they've explained what the problem is, are trying to fix it and that you've only paid $20 for it and it's still better game than some $90 competitors. It sucks to see what console players have gone through with this one, but reacting like it's The War Z is OTT.

      I've never seen it on sale for $20!!

      Last edited 13/06/14 1:21 pm

        I paid $20 on Steam and scored the first DLC for free. Are the console prices much more than general Steam retail of $29?

          I reckon it would be in the $40-$50 range in store not sure of the XBLA price...

          $59.95 good lord!

    Is this the same Payday that they had for free on PS plus last month?

      Yeah, it'd be cool if the PS4 version is cross buy :D

        Totally agree but NBA 2k14 is on both platforms but it's only free for the PS3 :(

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