People Are Making Cool Things With Resogun’s New Ship Editor

People Are Making Cool Things With Resogun’s New Ship Editor

Briefly: Resogun has a new ship editor, and people are making lots of cool things with it — everything from Flappy Bird to Mario. Yes, there are of course penis-shaped ships. Because of course there are.


    • If you are reading this, on this website, you likely already know what Resogun is. They are giving the reader credit rather than treating them like an idiot.


      • I don’t know what the game is. It’s not ‘giving them credit’. Some people don’t catch EVERY bit of gaming news. It’s not calling them idiots by giving them information, it’s the whole purpose of the site

        • Surely it takes less time to go to google and type in resogun than to type your comment. 90% of all articles on kotaku usually have people complaining in the comments about the article. I think the DISCUSS section should be changed to COMPLAIN FUN TIME. And yes, I am fully aware that I am now complaining in the comments. For reading my complain fun time here’s one on the house…

          • You’re missing the point (which is limited in scope to certain editors, ie not the Kotaku AU crew). Using the logic that we should go elsewhere why bother using Kotaku at all? Why not just google everything. Use Google News! Use Google image search!

          • I get what you’re saying and perhaps there could have been a link on the Resogun name in the write up, but I also don’t think they need to explain what every game they mention is either. The article about the fallout laser rifle that just went up doesn’t explain what Fallout 3 is for example. I think games that came out over 6 months ago can get a bit of a free ticket on the explanation situation but if the game is yet to be released or just came out then maybe yeah

          • I didn’t know what that laser gun was from until reading your comment on this article, or resogun. Maybe just include. Simple reference to what the game is and where talking about a game a link to the game info – like quoting a book and referencing the source.

    • Going on your comment, why dont they also explain what Flappy Bird and Mario are too??

        • Excuse you? I think you need to hold up a mirror.. I dont recall insulting you in my post – you’ve made it personal for no reason

  • i agree with “f4ction”
    it wouldnt have been hard for them to include a link to their own review of the game they are talking about, they do it for nearly every other article?
    something along the lines of…
    “for our full review click here [insert link here]”

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