Peter Dinklage's Voice Acting In Destiny Not Final

The early Destiny Alpha was almost universally loved by all who played it, but there was one common criticism: voice acting from Peter Dinklage was far from stellar with many calling for the lines to be re-recorded. In a recent Q & A over at Bungie's website, the team revealed that not only was the voice acting not final, some of it has already been changed and updated for the upcoming public Beta.

"Hey, we read the same forums, my fictional, question formulating friend!" Went the response. "In fact, the Ghost dialog has already been updated for Beta. It will be updated again for launch on September 9th, as well.

"Funny thing about Alpha builds... they’re not done. Please pardon our Moon dust!"

Fair enough, but I think most people (perhaps rightly) had assumed that Peter Dinklage's voiceover work was final, particularly this close to release. I didn't love the voiceover work in the Alpha, but it didn't feel like a dealbreaker for me at any point. That being said, I am interested to hear if there's much of an improvement after this update.

Bungie's Q & A actually makes for some interesting reading, with a whole bunch of new information on the upcoming beta, which kicks off July 17. Head here to check it out.



    I actually didn't really mind it, thought it seemed fine. But it was very clearly not final audio, because if you watch some of the trailers that have lines from him there's a whole bunch of extra filtering and processing they're layering onto his voice and none of that was present in the Alpha.

    But "That wizard is from the moon!" is now legend. What memes will we use now?
    Although I whole heatedly agree with -0, it really wan't that bad and was, to me anyway, obviously not the final product.

      I was too busy being all like, THIS GAME IS AWESOME.

        Me too, I'm just glad this game has its "arrow in the knee" moment now so it can just be enjoyed on its merits when it comes out. (also looking at you, Mario Kart 8).

    i don't get all the hate for the VO, I actually thought it was okay!

      It depends on which parts you focused on and how much you played, I'm pretty sure the whole thing couldn't be place holder, because that is a butt tonne of placeholder audio for a highly paid VO and it was really only the mission VO that was bad (which wasn't a great idea on their part seeing as you are funneled into that first thing). Most of the flavour stuff when you were free roaming and such was decent IMHO. So as with many thing like this a huge chunk of the alpha participants would have only played that one mission, where all the bad dialogue just happened to be and then for whatever reason didn't really experience the rest.

    Didn't mind the weird writing, or that odd wizard/moon line, but god did that sound phoned in, even more than his role as the telephone wake-up call guy in Seinfeld. I'm not even sure if he was even in a sound booth with a director. If you sound bored, no amount of voice modulation can make it sound like you're not reading from a script over the phone.

    I'm one of the ones who didn't really like it. I usually love shooters but hate MMO's and something about the alpha screamed MMO. I'll still try the Beta but i'm not holding my breath for a massive improvement...

    I had a feeling this was the case when I saw Bungie had started selling shirts.

    Im confused.. why would get a voice over actor (who pressumedly is asking for a farily decent price) in to record one set of lines, only to re-record his lines again

    Most other places use dummy audio or one of the development teams voice for the temporary lines until the voice actor does their work

    Sounds fishy here

      I think if they went into detail you would find that it was just the one particular mission in the alpha that was placeholder (the one you were funneled into when you booted it up funnily enough). After that point the voice acting wasn't nearly as cheesy. It is far from his best performance to be sure (it's no Tyrion) but it's hardly a reason to lose interest in the game.

      So it wouldn't be all that strange if it is just that part that is place holder, they might have given him a half finished script for this mission (it's the mission they have been showing for a while now) and did a quick work up on it while they were doing other parts of them game. The great thing about VO stuff is that its relatively quick to do.

        Or the beta just confirmed how bad the voice over was, so they calling Peter in to rerecord the lines again.

          Yeah that's not how these things work, not this close to the end of development, whatever is final for dialogue has been locked in months ago. If they don't actually have anything better and their comments are a ruse it will just be cutting dialogue not re-recording.

            Truth will be in the pudding when the final is released and compared

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