Phil Asks: What Games Do You Like That No One Else Does?

Phil Asks: What Games Do You Like That No One Else Does?

Hello, everyone! Phil Owen here, stepping in for Mike on this here Sunday. And I've got a question for all of you who are hanging around today.

What games do you really, really like, secretly or not, that few other people enjoy?

Being a contrarian of sorts, I have a whole list of these: Dragon Age 2, Alpha Protocol, Lost Planet 3, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and Mars: War Logs to name a few. Also, I tend to agree with Yannick on the topic of Transformers movies.

What I've discovered through writing about my enjoyment of these games is that I'm never alone in my unpopular value judgments. It actually usually turns out that I have many brothers and sisters who agree on all of those things. Folks just tend to stay quiet once it becomes clear most others disagree.

And so I wanna know more. I want you to tell me about all the games you like even though The Internet has decreed they are bad.


    I love the dynasty warriors series, can't get enough of them I can play them for hours

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      So repetitive yet so enjoyable. Spent hours playing this with my younger brother.

      I am a big fan of Dynasty Warriors - Particularly the Warriors Orochi series.

      I loved Dynasty Warrios 4: Empires. Was rather let down by DW5. I think I only like the "Empires" version of those games for some reason. It's been way too long to remember why though.

        Conquesting through the land and taking all the areas split screen with friends was wicked - DW4: Empires was the first one that I really took a shining too.

      I had Dynasty Warriors something waaaaay back on my PS2. I want the new one now

      3 was my all time favorite, used to play so much of that with my brother, recently got 8 for the PC and the game is still a blast,

      Enjoying DW8 on PS4 Currently - Have even been able to sneak some game time in before bed using remote play on the Vita. Works Great.

    Farming Simulator 2013
    I have NFI why, but damn that was addictive for a while!!!

      I love Farming Simulator, it's awesome. The multiplayer is extremely hilarious especially when you get on vent with your mates and try and farm seriously.

        We tried serious farming but found that it always degenerated into tractor demolition derby

      Farming Simulator is great. Also Euro Truck Simulator 2, everyone I tell about that game stares at me like I'm stupid, but I find driving around really relaxing. It also has a built in internet radio thing, so you can tune in and listen to real streaming radio stations live while you drive.

    I absolutely loved Murdered: Soul Suspect and Beyond: Two Souls.

      +1 for Beyond. Quantic Dream can't do anything wrong imo.

        Yeah, they keep making games, I'll keep playing them. :D

    I have a soft spot for those 7/10 games that go quietly - things like The Saboteur, WET, Remember Me and so on. Not big enough to become cult games, but also more fun than their score indicates.

      I loved Wet! It was like second or third on my list of games to get once I landed a 360.

      Had the weirdest perception problems though, differentiating between camera movement and manual aiming.

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      I only bought Wet because the lady I was dating at the time wanted to play games with strong female protagonists. I liked it until there was some stupid level with a time limit.

      Yes. The Saboteur. To me this game is the definition of what Nazi Occupation actually felt like - at street level. No other game has projected that environment so well. And as Pandemics last game, what a way to go out! I rate it even higher than their Star Wars: Battlefront series.

        Out of all the studios that EA closed, I miss Pandemic the most :(

        Battlefront, Saboteur, Destroy All Humans! - that studio gave me hundreds of hours of entertainment.

      I know what you're saying- a couple of my favourite games of all time (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 and Tales of Xillia) were pretty low-rated, yet amazing fun! I reckon that, as long as a game isn't broken (think less than 5/10), then it can be really enjoyable, depending on who plays it.

      I'm really enjoying Remember Me. Nice atmosphere and story, interesting mechanics. Definitely best with a controller, though.

        borderline unplayable without a controller I think you mean

    Minon: Everyday Hero.

    Ain't nobody likes that.

    Final Fantasy 13, I'll admit it has problems but I still enjoyed it.

      There is something about it, isn't there? It's kind of an awful game, but I really enjoy playing it even if I'm laughing at it's terrible design the whole way through. It's pretty and mind-numbing.

    Watch_Dogs... i love it

      It has issues, but like that lumpy little puppy with odd markings... I still really liked it.
      Apart from the drinking games.
      They are the tumor you just can't live with and take the little funny thing to the vet to get it removed.
      Because, you know, even the neighbors are taking about that one.

    Dead Island is my favourite series. I found the game play to be fun regardless of the numerous bugs at the beginning. I could slash up zombies all day if I had the chance!

    Brothers: Tale of Two Sons. I haven't met anyone who has played it, and when I try tell them about it and show them a trailer they don't think it looks all that good. FOOLS!

    Prince Of Persia (2007 version). Absolutely LOVED this one! Especially that ending, whoa! Never tried the DLC for it.

      Brothers was amazing, Prince of Persia too. You're okay. :D

      Finally someone who knows what I'm talking about. That Prince of Persia was dreamy, and truer to the source material, though many people thought that not having combat every 5 seconds somehow made it bad... they are wrong ;) Sadly looks like we'll never get a sequel to this Prince of Persia, as the devs were forced to make the garbage that was The Forgotten Sands to "cash-in"
      on the lacklustre, Hollywood movie (and to think that Hollywood still thinks its OK to have a white-American playing a Middle-Eastern, instead of getting an actual actor from the country they need... it really is only one notch below "hey, somebody get the boot-polish")

      You mean this Prince of Persia, eh;

        I have just met a kindred spirit over the internet. Hyper, lets be friends!

      Brothers is a most amazing game in that it tells a dark, adult tale in the guise of a children's puzzle platformer, all without a single word of actual dialogue. It was quite the pleasant surprise.

      2008 bro. @mashaa and I also enjoyed it.

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      PoP - that was a fantastic ending, really elevated the game from 'fun' to, as you said, 'whoa'.

    Freedom Fighters. Made by EA around 2006 I think. I don't know why I liked it, I don't know if I would STILL like it, but at the time, that game for me was perfection. No one else really cared for it but me, no matter how many times I tried to convince my mates of it.

      I freaking loved this game. I would love IO to make a sequel instead of another Hitman. :'(

        Yeah, I would even take a remaster right now. I tried putting it back on my PC but I get major graphical errors when I play it. :( Goodnight sweet prince.

      This game is amazing. I loved every second of it. The only game from EA I liked. Probably because I prefer third person shooter more than fps.

        I got stuck in the story. First 3rd person shooter I fell in love with. Some of the harder levels and difficulties were so good too. you really had to be scarce with ammo and seek out ways to get through the level with as much left over as possible! Oh and being able to command your crew!!!!

      add another person to the list of people that fucking loved that game. I sold off all over about 5 of my original xbox games, and this was one of the keepers.

      Oh wow, Freedom Fighters - that takes me back. That one was fantastic.

    Crimson Alliance
    Diablo 3 on console. Same room co-op gaming at it's best.
    Add my voice to DA2
    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It's completely batshit insane.
    The advanced visuals to ADOM. You hipster gamers don't have to moan. The original visuals are still there in the game. Let me enjoy the update without whining.

      Thoroughly enjoyed Diablo 3 on console.

    I won't say "no one else" likes it, but I feel that Final Fantasy IV (II in the US and presumably Australia) is superior to all other Final Fantasy games. Except for graphics, of course :)

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      Nope. Because we never got the original SNES release, the only number it has ever had in Australia is IV.
      Good game. I prefer 6.

    I actually didn't mind Assassin's Creed 3 - once you got through the overly long introduction sequence which was basically two several-hour tutorials. Get through that, and the rest of the game was pretty solid I think. I can understand why some people gave up on it though.

    Also didn't mind Resident Evil 5. Thought it was a pretty good natural evolution after RE4 and I liked the fact they did away with the suitcase thing and just has specific slots for items. Weapon quick-switch was good too. I haven't played RE6 though.

    The Ar Tonelico series. Well, less so the third one, but I and especially II were some of my favourite games on PS2, even though objectively they were extremely poorly made, buggy, full of framerate issues and in AT2's case given an absolutely terrible, incomplete localization as well. Yet despite all that I enjoyed them immensely.

    Def Jam Vendetta.

    I just liked slamming a Wu Tang members head, continually, into a speaker in an underground fight club. I actually, honestly enjoyed that game. So much.

      Def Jam Vendetta was good...but I liked Def Jam: Fight For NY better

      Yes I have to agree...smashing a fighters head (in my case Sean Paul) into a speaker or my favorite...the jukebox

      Makes me wanna connect up my old PS2 and play it again

        Im gonna rip ya tongue, and lick my assssss with it!

      I loved Vendetta! (and Fight for New York) don't know what they were thinking when they made Icon though...

      Def Jam Vendetta would be one of my most played games of all time.

      yeh I enjoyed this too. I don't know many ppl that didnt like it.

        It got poo-poo'd by a lot of people and ignored by a hell of a lot more.
        Yeah...I think I need to bust out the old ps2 for this one too.

      I still bust out the xbox to play some Fight For New York. Being Henry Rollins and being able to beat the shit out of Sean Paul? YES PLEASE.

        Turning on Vendetta selecting Joe Budden then repeatedly irish whipping DMX into the ropes and suplexing every ounce of hope out of him was a regular before bed activity for me.

    the original settlers in all its pixelated glory - my brother and I spent hours playing that with a mouse and joystick on the 486 back in the day

      I liked Settlers 2. The silly thing that really hooked me in was the fact that after a road was used a certain number of times it would upgraded to a cobbled/paved one. I don't know why, but it brought the game to life.

        There is a hd version of settlers 2 floating around. Loved that game.

          I think this may be what you are looking for there:

        My Mum got me hooked into that game. I loved the idle animations when the Settlers had nothing to do. Another tiny detail that brought the game to life.

        I played a ridiculous amount of Settler2 from some random Bluebyte demo cd :D

    Enter the Matrix. Loved it.

      Now YOU sir have the gist of this post!!!! Thumbs up!
      I did actually hate that game though.

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      Same here! Despite it being a horrible buggy mess with insufferable loading times I still to this day play and adore Enter the Matrix!

    I really enjoyed RAGE. No idea why but I played it through and had a blast.

      Yeah agreed, pretty much all of my mates enjoyed Rage too, I've only recently discovered that this isn't normal. Ill play anything by Id

    Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. No seems to have a clue this Game exists, or pass it off as a simple movie tie-in game (which it is far from)

      So good. Soo good. The stealth was fantastic in that game.

        Riddick was in my top 5 games on the original Xbox.
        It’s an absolutely brilliant game and did get very solid reviews even if not a lot of people bought it.

        The setting, graphics, the stealth mechanics, switching from 1st and 3rd person, hand-to-hand combat, the pacing of the story…. Everything about it was great.

        I don’t know how well it’s held up (given it was ported from the gen before and is now quite old in its own right) but I’d recommend that anyone who can get hold of the 360 remake do so. The Dark Athena chapter that was added wasn’t anywhere as near as the original Butcher Bay content though.

      I've never played it but heard nothing but great things.

        I mean it when I say that i think it’s a better franchise based game than Arkham Asylum/ Arkham City.

        Not by a lot, but it’s that kind of good.

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      God yes, it's really fantastic. Currently playing the remake. Have heard the follow-up chapters aren't quite as good though.

      I heard plenty of good things about it - enough to pick up the sequel on 360.

      Just got Dark Athena which comes with Butcher Bay from the GoG sale. Can't wait to try it.

    Shadowrun the FPS version. Loved that game but many hated it but I still find myself drawn to it when it comes to a LAN.

    you know what I actually enjoyed Aliens: Colonial Marines. Picked it up for pretty cheap recently. I started it with the lowest of expectations thinking ok this aint too bad. Good fan service if your an Aliens/Prometheus fan.

      See, that game was not terrible unto itself... just terrible compared to what it could have been and what we were promised.
      The multiplayer (if you could actually find anyone) was fun (if repetitive) but then came bug hunt and OMG that was awesome. I jagged a team up with three other good players and played through ALL of Hadleys Hope. One of the best moments in gaming for me... over an hour of strategically moving and supporting one and other through to the end.

    Family Guy BTTM, Ryse (absolutely LOVED it), LBP Karting, AC 3, Dead rising 2 (like them all).

    Also Puppeteer, but that doesn't really fit here since it got great reviews but it didn't sell many copies.

    A lot of the ones above. FFXIII. Wet. Remember Me. My big one though;

    Too Human.

    Myself and a few of the other guys I worked with at Game (Store 49, represent!) sunk so many hours in to this game. So much co-op. So much comparison on the leader boards. Random texts "hey dude found some sweet staves for you zerker!". Discussing story, future DLC and sequels, how good a Vs mode would be so we could see who's character would come out on top in a fight.

    Good times, man. Good times.

      Oh, so much this. Such a broken masterpiece. So much wrong with it, but for some reason it just worked. Me and a friend sunk crazy hours into that co-op.

      Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City was a similar deal for me - universally poo-pooed, yet me and 2 friends played the pants off that game. Solo, it would've been boring as hell, but co-op made it all better.

      Too Human was legitimately not that great a game and it certainly had some frustrating moments and also made my 360 RRoD in protest, but I also enjoyed it quite a bit as well. Especially the story elements. Kind of sad that the studio went under afterward, always wanted to know where they were going to go with it.

    Resident Evil 5 seems to be the standout. Played the first 3 on PSX back in the day, loved them - but missed RE4 entirely. Tried to get into RE4, years later - PS3 remake I think and I just couldn't handle it. Might've been the port, but it played like dirty arse, and Leon Kennedy is just awful.

    While not a traditional RE, I thoroughly enjoyed RE5.

    Actually, @vapor reminded me about FFXIII. I ended up dropping about 150 hours on that I think - maxed every character out and did all the achievements except for two. (Acing the C'ieth Stone missions, and posessing every item in the game) Characters were the weakest out of pretty much any FF ever, and the story was just what-the-shit, but as a game it was great. I loved the combat system. Won't compare it to ATB like many do, because it was it's own thing. Paradigms were also actually quite satisfying.

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      RE5 and RE4 are quite different, both amazing in their own way. RE5 is such a great co-op experience in the room with a friend.

        Yeah, they're extraordinarily different. I find most people like one or the other, but rarely both. Apparently the Wii version of RE4 is the best one? Might have to go back and try it one day.

          I dislike the Wii version because it makes things too easy :P

          No way my friend should have been able to unlock the hand cannon, he's just not that good...

          It is tons of fun. The controls are seriously impressive.

    Didn't we have this question about a month ago?

    I really enjoyed colonial marines, mostly just getting to explore the scenes from the movie was a real buzz.

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