PlayStation TV Is Coming To Australia And New Zealand

Sony Australia has just confirmed that PlayStation will be heading to Australia and New Zealand. It's set for release this coming spring, and will retail at $149.95.

PlayStation TV has always struck me as a bit of a strange device, especially for our market, but it is an impressive piece of kit, essentially working as microconsole, but I don't necessarily know which market it will target here in Australia.

Still, I am curious about the device, and I'm super keen to see how it all works.

More details when we get them.


    Streaming PS4 to another screen in the house = I'll take one!

      As will I (at a reasonable price)

      Would also like them to add the ability to use DS4 as at this stage I believe it is just DS3

        I'm not sure, I think I heard people talking about using their DS4's. I'll edit my post if I find links.

        Yup, looks like it was added in software v3.10.

        You can now use a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller to control the PS Vita TV system.

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        Remember the PlayTV? $150 for an AV in and USB out? :P

          Totally different device :p. This is basically a Vita STB with PS4 remote play.

            I know, I was just making a reference to how expensive it was - so likely this won't come cheap.

              Ah yea, but play tv was constantly on sale, I think nobody I knew paid more than$79 for it.

                And it was awesome! Was my main DVR for about 2 years :)

                  Was being the key word, still my main DVR, but runs terribly with the slim over the phat, hasn't had a real update in years :(

                  If my phat didn't ylod it would still be good.

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      x2 on this, if I was a PS4 gamer, I'd have one of these on any second/third TV's in the house. Always jarring going from my Xbox One on the main TV, to clunky TV interfaces on others. The more you can extend a premium console experience, the better!

    I always thought it was an odd piece of kit, but it seems to be doing better than expected, certainly better than I expected. It obviously has a market.

    Being able to play the PS4 in another room without having to re-setup the console would be very appealing to many households. I don't know how much of a market it would have as a stand alone device, but for $100 US it sounds pretty good.

    Depending on pricepoint, this might be a good buy.

    I don't do much of a commute where I'm not driving, but I do have a stockpile of PS+ Vita games. Plus if they added multiple controller support could be good for PSOne classics etc

    But, how is Sony planning on taking out all the money in my wallet? Isn't that how TV is supposed to work?

    They need to release this with USB power, or something similar. Can you just imagine - kids taking these wallet-sized consoles and their spare controllers to school/uni and plugging into the computer lab monitors. Adhoc LAN. Massive impromptu gaming parties.

    I've been interested in it, if only to play the PS+ Vita games I have - but not every game is supported. Uncharted on Vita for example, because it requires the touchscreen.

      Note that it's not "all games with touchscreen requirement won't work". Some have work-arounds in place for the Vita TV, apparently.

    I'm not across the specifics but serious question, I have a PS3 sitting here doing nothing and a PS4 that I play. Would it be possible to add the software from a PSTV to the PS3 and have that function on my network in the same way. I suspect the electronics within a PS3 are far more capable.. so just curious if that is possible. Likely stupid question but I suspect there are more than a few people with a PS3 and 4 who'd like that.

      I cannot remember were I saw/read it, but there is a plan in the long term for PSN+
      I think the Vita TV is the first with Sony PS3 and Sony Smart TV's next, with their Xperia Tablets and Phones shortly after. With the PlayStation Service eventually downloadable app/software for android and PC.

      But why release a $20 USB adaptor when they can release a whole new $100 peripheral?

    I have the Japanese one so I want them to hurry it up and release it so I can actually make use of it..

    There aren't any Vita-exclusive games I want to play, but I'd love to be able to play the PS4 in bed without moving it. Having said that, PlayStation Now would actually have to become feasible in Australia before I'd drop the cash on this.

      This. For me its main feature isn't streaming my ps4 or playing vita games... it's playing all those amazing games in the ps library. So untill we actually have a decent net connection no sale.

    I'm interested in it for streaming my PS4 games to the bedroom, as well as making the bedroom dumb tv smarter, by giving it BBC iPlayer and Netflix apps. If they add a few more apps like 4oD and it works as well as it does on the PS4 I'll be tossing out the chromecast

    i can't find any info on the hardware… anyone know what are the specs? does it stream 1080? or stream from BLU-RAY player?

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