Project Cars, You Continue To Look Amazing

Project Cars, You Continue To Look Amazing

Video: This PS4 trailer doesn't tell the game's whole story — it's also coming to PC, Xbox One and Wii U — but this new trailer for Project Cars shows just how good a video game can look when you put new/big hardware to work.


    Wii-U as well? Didn't see that one coming...

      Yeah man, it is amazingly pretty. My uncle's, brother's, son's, sister's, pop's, grandson got leaks from a industry insider and boy does it look nextgen.

        Psh. Probably a pre-rendered cut scene. Here's an actual screenshot of in-game racing:

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          Wow, I see the Wii U version is coming along nicely! Look out Mario Kart 8!

    Looks pretty incredible, between this and DriveClub the PS4 is very much going to have it's fair share of amazing looking racing games coming soon. He said, salty that Evolution are making DriveClub and not WipEout or MotorStorm </3

    It needs some sort of grainy filter to look more realistic.

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