Rainbow Six Is Back

Rainbow Six Is Back

Well, I didn’t see this one coming. Ubisoft just announced that Rainbow Six is officially coming back from the dead with a new game called Rainbow Six: Siege. Here’s the debut trailer:

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, who came onstage to announce the new game, didn’t say anything about Rainbow Six: Patriots — the last instalment in the franchise that Ubisoft announced three years ago but still hasn’t released.

Since the Patriots reveal, it’s been reported that Ubisoft’s developers weren’t happy with how the game was turning out. As a result, they decided to rebuild the whole thing from the ground up.

It’s not clear if Siege is the result of this renewed focus. But in either case, today’s news finally gave Rainbow Six fans something to celebrate for the first time in a good long while.


  • I’ve got no speakers at work, so i’m just going off the visuals, but this sorta shouts ‘multiplayer focussed & free-to-play’ like the recent Ghost Recon.

    not what I was hoping for in the next R6. still…. I hope I’m wrong.

    • HAHA! I’m exactly the same, no sound at work.

      Unless I’m missing a voiceover guy yelling “boring conceptual gameplay of people shooting guys, final product will be set somewhere interesting and not be an arena shooter” over and over then I’m not particularly thrilled with this reveal.

      • I really hope I’m wrong. R6 is one of my favourite FSP franchises.
        gimme an open(ish) world with lots of alternate paths, a cast of AI squadmates to command, an objective & let me work out how to do it & Ubi can have all my money.

        • Yeah. I did enjoy Vegas and Vegas 2 but what I really want to see is the series going back to it’s roots. Look at what they were doing in the late 90’s and imagine that with current generation power behind it.
          I’d love to see a multiplayer mode where two eight man teams play against each other, but rather than just death match the Rainbow team has objectives and a plan like old single player while the terrorist team members have their own individual objectives and room/movement restrictions. Ie, one has to patrol the balcony, another has to go to the mainframe, one can’t leave the master bedroom, one has to guard the hostages (who will try and escape if not watched carefully), etc.

          • What would be the point of restrictions when logically members would self assign their own positions based on likely points of entry?

            And there was planning shown in this video.

      • From the footage, it would seem you die very quickly. It was evident then that the player was scouting a lot of the information and relaying information to their team mates over chat to synchronize breaches.

  • While it’s good to be getting a new Rainbow Six, this game looks FAR less interesting than the Patriots concept did.
    That video just looks like standard team deathmatch Rainbow Six but set in a pretty boring house.

    I want tactical co-op and an interesting story set in interesting locations, not ANOTHER team-based arena shooter.
    The idea of a modern city under siege (thing Vegas but set in a city like New York of Chicago) was so much more interesting than this.

    What the hell have they been doing for the last 8 years?

    • To be honest with you, that’s more a return to the concept of Rainbow 6 than the crap we’ve HAD for the last decade plus.

      Rainbow 6 became dudeshooter McBro since every game after Rainbow 6 Raven Shield.

      What I saw here, was people that had to work together with a plan, utilising tactics, against another force. Which you had to do in the original games on PC. I’m all for that. I really, really like the look of this.

      However, there won’t be much tactical talk online outside of friends groups, just comments like ‘F*** YOU HACKER!’ etc. lol.

      • However, there won’t be much tactical talk online outside of friends groups, just comments like ‘F*** YOU HACKER!’ etc. lol.

        Heh, yeah. All my dreams of Rainbow Six multiplayer include a very unlikely playerbase of skilled yet friendly players working together in harmony for an experience everyone can enjoy. =P

        • lmao you’ll get that with close friends likely. But online… you’ll find out what your mother does for a profession, what her gag reflex is apparently like etc etc etc. Rather disturbing :O

      • That looks about a million percent more action orientated than the early R6 games were though.
        I don’t see a return (especially on consoles) to a style of R6 game that requires the kind of systematic planning that the series was originally developed for.

        If it’s going to be an online multiplayer game, in the same vein as Counterstrike or something similar, then I’d at least like to see an interesting co-op story mode. Not a series of “sieges” against AI enemies but a full blown campaign in the same vein as Vegas.

        The early games were very tactically heavy and really required a mouse/ keyboard to get the best out of, Vegas used the 3rd person cover system and played more like a co-op action game. THIS looks more like a cross between the two but in my mind it runs the risk of being too much of a generic team-based FPS.

        I think that Vegas was too good and the series is too big now to go back to its more tactical roots. If it’s going to go back to small locations and highly technical planning then it needs to drop the run-and –gun stuff, I know it seems negative but this to me looks like it might be the worst of both worlds.

        • That looks about a million percent more action orientated than the early R6 games were though.It’s adversarial multiplayer, and not only that but set in tight quarters where it’s bound to be a knife fight. Raven Shield got more than a little chaotic in those circumstances too.

          Single player/Coop will be the thing we need to see to get a real feel for the game

          • The thing I’m worried about is that I’m not sure that there IS a single player/ co-op mode.

            I’ve never seen a R6 game announced with multiplayer deathmatch (or whatever you’d call it) as the key component.

            Doing so would be out of step with every action game ever. You name it- Halo, Quake, Call of Duty, Battlefield even…. All those games have multiplayer at their core but ALL of them have been announced and marketed with the single player modes front and centre.

            The change of name and gameplay shown give good reason to believe that the core of this game really is team based multiplayer style gameplay on closed-off maps. To me that seems like it could be a big disappointment after Vegas.

          • Multiplayer is fashionable, they show what will get people from those call of halo quaking battlefield players to sit up and take notice in the hopes of tempting them into something a bit different. I must admit the lack of information about single player/coop is concerning but this was a big surprise presentation, I imagine there’ll be a lot more info coming out over the next few weeks. If nothing else, I doubt Ubi are mad enough to push out something that’s just a deathmatchy thing like this without something solid to back it up

            If you’re right and it is basically an adversarial SWAT game with a different name, I’m definitely out but I’ll wait and see what info comes up before I get too worried. Mechanically it looks interesting and that’s enough to give me a little hope.

      • Raven Shield was the pinnacle of R6 games.
        This one looks to have some interesting features and the destroyable walls are awesome but it seems a bit too “deathmatchy” and “COD-like” to me

        • Indeed. But Patriots also scared me. When I saw it, it reeked of QTE, QTE, QTE and that was all. There was no true substance to it, it was just set piece after set piece. This looks far more interesting. I hope there’s a single player element to it too.

          • It looks bloody pretty. There’s no doubt. The lighting and particle effects are amazing. Finally we can get doors, walls and door frames that aren’t bullet proof. But at the same time, I don’t want a pretty looking COD.

            And yes, QTE can stay in hell from whence they came

          • Yeah I don’t want a COD either, but I think that’s highly avoidable by stopping respawning. I didn’t see any of that. There was a countdown on team numbers. Once you’re out you’re *out*.

  • I’ve sunk many hours into Vegas 2, in fact just did a house lan over the long weekend and played terrorist hunt with a couple friends for about 4hrs. If they put the terrorist hunt mode into this game, I’d be happy.

  • In some ways I really like the look of this. Tactically planning how to efficiently take out bad guys is pretty rewarding and a call back to what I loved about R6. That said, regenerating health and reviving a hostage is a bit too arcadey and not what I was hoping for.

        • Hey, remember how Halo 3 and 4 had regeneration equipment/ability for players to work together and survive by healing each other after combat to increase their chances of oh wait we had health regeneration those items were worthless.

        • Again, hard difficulty should let you control stuff like that. That’s what hard difficulty should be, sod making enemies tougher or you weaker, make things more challenging by making them more realistic and less gamey. Every level but the easiest should let you go down with one shot and all but the hardest should let you be revived in the field.

          Add helpers like health regeneration and revival for the wusses and realism of instant death and critical injury with the possibility being saved after the mission for the hardcore tactical badasses. Add in old school squad management (which was popular in xcom after all so might be safe to do again) and making sure a critically wounded officer doesn’t bleed out becomes an important factor in the mission but if you’re playing on hard he sure as hell won’t be up and shooting bad guys any time soon.

    • They lost me at “revive me, revive me!” If you’re shot, it’s officer down. This isn’t Gears of War.

        • I’m not concerned that they are saying it – I’m concerned that they can say it. It should be “I’m down!” and then someone has to drag them out – or silence if they’re dead. No revives. At most, they can still fire if their arms still work.

  • I’ll be interested to see what the game can be when it’s not capture the flag. I like the idea of freeform terrain damage for tactical effect (though a roof breach over a hostage? Fuck no, idiotic) but PvP is the most boring game type to me. Give me campaign coop damnit.

    I DO like the return of at least a cursory planning phase with multiple breach points though. Even if only a lightweight thing it has potential to make things more interesting.

  • This is stupid, Rainbow six is meant to have the best of the best operatives from around the world that tackles the hardest of missions that regular anti terrorist squads can’t. from the trailer Rainbow six are reduced to nothing more than a S.W.A.T team

  • wow, judging from the comments, you guys are a tough crowd – I can see this being HEAPS of fun with a group of friends

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