Rare Album Sells For Over $US40,000 (Minecraft's Creator Bought It)

Rare Album Sells For Over $US40,000 (Minecraft's Creator Bought It)

Earlier this month, fans of British electronic musician Aphex Twin got a treat, with an entire album's worth of unreleased music salvaged and sent out following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The actual record, though, could only go to one person.

So I kinda paid a lot for a double LP from the '90s.. — Markus Persson (@notch) June 23, 2014

And that person was life-long Aphex Twin fan Markus Persson. The Minecraft creator won an online auction for the LP, parting with $US46,300 for the rarity, the proceeds of which are being split between charity, the artist and his record label.

I wonder if he's a Wu-Tang fan as well...

The creator of 'Minecraft' was the mystery buyer of Aphex Twin's unreleased album

[The Verge]


    You can listen to it here:


    Gotta love Notch. Has a net worth of $150 million, still considers $40,000 alot of money. I'm sure most people with that kind of money wouldn't think twice about dropping five figures on a random indulgence.

    Anyone see that Aphex Twin clip 'Windowlicker'? Pure nightmare fuel - esp at 3am on Rage

      Agreed, that is creepy, but even creepier is 'Come to Daddy'. Don't watch/listen to that one before bed time!

      Yeah, it was a track in Vita game Lumines: Electronic Symphony and I hadn't a clue it was Aphex Twin who produced that track; love it.

      His track 'Funny Little Man' from the Come To Daddy EP was... disturbing, too.

      I'd say Windowlicker is more subversive than nightmare fuel. Now Rubber Johnny? That one will keep you awake a lot longer than all of those bearded ladies.

        Not so much the bearded ladies but the one at the end lost deep in the uncanny valley - you can't unsee that shit!

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