Razer’s Figured Out Colours, Everybody

Razer’s Figured Out Colours, Everybody

No, really. I know they’re not all black and green, but look at the little snake logos — those are definitely Razer products. Razer Kraken headphones and headsets, now in six vibrant colours. I’m so proud.

Obviously, the company needs to learn to let paint dry before taking pictures, but one step at a time. Catering to the whims of a community craving frivolity, Razer is now selling its Kraken Pro Gaming Headset ($US89.99) and Kraken Headphones ($US69.99)

“Our community has been asking for colour options in our product lines and the Razer Kraken Neon Series offers just that,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director via press release. “We chose our most popular family of headsets and headphones for special stylisation and are releasing them just in time for the summer months. The six colours give way to a multitude of options. I can’t wait to see the photos our fans send us.”

Makes me wish I were at E3 so I could find him and give him a big-old bear hug.

And look, there’s also a special World of Tanks edition headset.

Fans of the black and green need not fret, however. Razer’s E3 announcements also include a health dose of the Matrix, in the form of the first official Razer PC case.

They have partnered with NZXT to create the H440, a 100 per cent steel beast of a case that really should have been released earlier this year, when I was building a damn computer system.

You know how the PC hardware industry’s accepted blue USB ports as an unofficial standard for USB 3.0? Razer doesn’t give a damn.

Finally, Razer is looking for beta testers for its Nabu smart band.

Mmm, there’s the black and green again. Interested parties can sign up at the Nabu web page for a chance to beta test the device for a single dollar.

So proud.


  • Bought a pair of Krakens about eight months ago and absolutely love them. The right hinge has snapped, held only by sticky tape at this point, so one would think it would be about time to upgrade, but I can’t bring myself to pry these things away from my head. Coupled with the surround sound functionality on my Nexus 7, they sound absolutely fantastic, not too bassy, not too treble-y, just right.
    If and when I do upgrade, it will more than likely be another pair of Krakens. Mind you, the green and black looks nice, but I think I’m gonna miss the straight green the Krakens that I own have.

    • You know, owning pair of headphones doesn’t necessarily have to mean you’ll need to buy them again in less than a year.

      I see this all too often, and unsurprisingly, it’s always ‘gaming’ headphones. I’ve had my headphones for over 6 years, and there’s no sign of them dying any time soon. I guarantee they sound many times better than any gaming set, too.

      If instead of buying a Kraken a year, you invested all that money into a proper decent set of cans, you’d be laughing. And for longer than 8 months, I assure you.

      So I guess my point is, why don’t you look into getting a decent set of cans? You don’t need the that Razer, SteelSeries, etc. is trying to sell you.

      Have a look at brands like Audio Technica, AKG, Beyerdynamic, etc. They’re perfectly fine for gaming, and many, many times better for music.

      As for the surround sound functionality of your Nexus 7, headphones provide surround sound. You don’t need 5.1 or 7.1 headphones either. It’s all just marketing. 7.1 sounds more impressive than stereo, but what do you think actually sounds more impressive? 7.1 crappy drivers or 2 decent drivers? Then throw your ‘surround sound’ emulation software on top of that, and you’ve got yourself a right mess.

      Keep it pure, I always say.

  • The case looks unbelievably pretty, but I think I’ll stick with my Phantom 410. Instantly recognised the NZXT styling.

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