Real Life Places That Should Be In The Last Of Us

I'd say my favourite part of The Last Of Us was easily its depiction of a world completely gone to shit. The idea of nature reclaiming worn down man-made architecture was gloriously executed but, as good as it looked, it simply can't match real life.

This series of pictures, are part of a new book called 'Frozen', focusing on abandoned, decaying buildings throughout Europe. The photographs are stunning.

Head to the Facebook for more amazing photographs. The book comes out in September this year and you can pre-order here.


    So strange how compelling photographs of deserted buildings and towns are.
    50 Euros... trying to resist....

    The 5th photo down reminds me of the chateau from Uncharted 3. :D

    The pool from COD is in there as well.

    Last edited 24/06/14 10:55 am

    I presume they are all abandoned because they were infested with terrible HDR.

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