Remember This?

Congratulations to Scrumptatoes, firstly for his top notch username, secondly for guessing yesterday's ScribbleTaku, which was Goldeneye. Today we're going to go with a little bit of Remember This!

Oh man, today's guessing game is going to be a tough one I suspect.

(Awaits it being guessed in the first comment, first minute...)

Good luck!


    Please bring this back full time!

    Also Outrun :)

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      People started using Google Image Search where you can save the picture and search for it on the interwebs. After that it was the beginning of the end. Twas a shame as some of the genuine guesses were amazing.

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        You seem to be correct.. Which sucks.

        It would be good if there was a away around this. Really it would only be Mark trying this method himself before posting the picture and see if its a dead give away.

        This was a great nostalgic game.

        Or just right click on the pic and press S

        Funny thing is knowing this I never thought to try xDD But I have never even commented on or tried to guess the image/sound/haiku posts

          Wow, that works.... why not add in some distortion, like a captcha? Might make it harder for the google to find out what it is?

    Breakthrough (C64)


    Looks like the "Sierra" animation you used to see at the start of games.

    Mach 3
    edit: doh, everything in that was pink not yellow.

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