Remember This?

Congrats to every bloody person who guessed yesterday's HaiTaku. Which was pretty much every person who commented. Well done to Beavwa who guessed it first! It was Grim Fandango and I'm pretty excited about getting the chance to play it all over again.

Today? Let's do a remember this!

I can't figure if this is too easy or ludicrously hard. Good luck everyone!




        Quake 2

          Not brown enough for q1 or 2! ;) Pretty sure I remember using the wall/floor tiles you can see in those shots, in making some of my own levels!

    Max Payne?

    Is it de_dust from CounterStrike?

      Seconded - my first thought as well.

      I was going to guess that or Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time OR Twilight Princess (I am horrible at figuring out which generation textures are from)

    Half Life.

      i was staring at that damn picture for over 20min before i finally caved in and scrolled down to the comments and decided to put my vote on Half-Life as well

    Quake 3 Arena?

      I realise people have said Quake and Quake 2 Already but i spend so much damn time online in Q3A i am 100% sure that this is it.

        Q3A was the first thing that came to mind for me too. In fact I think that looks like that castle-like level near the beginning with the three bridges across molten lava.

    Looks like the Counter-Strike sand texture.

    Mark Serrels' Bukake Space Adventure and Friends

    The Dig?

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