Report: Khal Drogo Is Going To Play Aquaman

Report: Khal Drogo Is Going To Play Aquaman

In good news for Game of Thrones fans, or fans of Aquaman who want the guy to get a little meaner, there are reports that DC's underwater superhero will be appearing in the Batman v Superman movie. And he'll be played by the same guy who played Khal Drogo.

While it hasn't been announced by Warner Bros. yet, movie site Hitfix seem awfully confident that Jason Momoa has been cast, writing:

HitFix can confirm that he will be playing the part, and that Zack Snyder has already finalised his designs for the character so shooting can take place soon.

This isn't the first time Momoa has been linked with the role, but it's the first time someone has stuck their neck out and said it's for real.

They also report that while Aquaman won't have a major role in the movie, he will be turning up to let Superman know he's not exactly happy with the mess that was made at the end of Man of Steel. That appearance will also set the stage for him turning up in the Justice League movie.

I hope it's true. Momoa made a name for himself playing a badass with a beard. Modern Aquaman has a beard and is in need of being a little more badass. It'd be a good fit.

Jason Momoa will play Aquaman in 'Dawn Of Justice,' and we know how it will happen [Hitfix]


    not sure if this a confirmation from him or just an "up yours" to the rumor

    Been waiting a few days for some official confirmation on this. Not a bad choice, but no one will be as outrageous as John DiMaggio.

    There is only one appropriate reaction to this news: Dis gon b gud.

    Seriously though, casting rumours for superhero movies are pretty meh. They come up all the time and so few of them are accurate that I wonder how sites like Hitfix still get clicks.

    he will be turning up to let Superman know he’s not exactly happy with the mess that was made at the end of Man of Steel.

    Doesn't exactly scream Aquaman to me. I mean the Atlantean's probably couldn't care less about what Superman did to Metropolis in the fight. Unless he's holding Superman responsible for the environmental impact of Zod's device. Seems like too deep of an argument to get into with a character whose main reason for being in the movie is to pop up for a moment to setup the character for Justice League.

    That said, always happy when former Stargate cast members get work. I wonder if they'll get Micheal Shanks in as Hawkman. =P

      Remember there were 2 machines in Man of Steel.

      One was in Metropolis but the other was in the ocean somewhere.

        Yeah that's what I'm thinking. It's just that as dumb as Superman leveling Metropolis was you can't really hold the damage caused by the machines against him. If you dig further into it you get into that really crap everyone hates Superman just for the sake of making the character interesting stuff.

          Here be spoilers...
          Possible Spoilers
          Possible Spoilers
          Dont read
          I've tried using the Tabs but they're not bloody working so Possible SPOILERS Possible SPOILERS Possible SPOILERS mainly from stuff on the web and something minor I was sent...

          Aquaman will be a cameo, he turns up right near the end of the movie. Though this movie has a little BvS, it's primarily the formation of the proto-Justice League. Aquaman is mighty pissed about the World engine trashing the Indian Ocean, so he has a big bone (whale?) to pick with Superman over that issue. BvsS is the Justice League prequel, will end on a bad note/downer, which will lead into a full blown JLA movie, which will follow 1 year later.

          Possible SPOILERS over you may continue along with your life. :P

          Last edited 16/06/14 7:34 pm

      If any of this is true, it will be over the second terraformer (Kryptonformer?) that was out in the ocean, not the Metropolis one. Either way, Aquaman the Barbarian has always been the best version of Aquaman so this would be one good thing in a sea of super-dreck. Except that it raises questions like why none of the other pissed off heroes stepped up during the invasion - but you can't expect too much from a Goyer script.

    Oh god please make him like Aquaman from The Brave and the Bold.

    Enough of this...

    is Green Arrow in the damn film or not?

      Not at this point, neither is The Flash. At this point neither TV version will be included in the movies, Flash was written out of the original script in place of Cyborg due to the TV show starting up. Arrow for the same reason, will not have a Green Arrow on film at this point. However they are coming, it's just a question of, will they eventually nut out a deal to get Grant Gustin and Steven Amell on screen or recast completely?

      I say use them personally, they both do brilliant work...

    But who will be "turning up to let Zack Snyder know they're not exactly happy with the mess that was made of Man of Steel"

    Not a bad choice...but I really don't like Aquaman... Then again I should be thankful it is something fresh and not a reboot. Yey!

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