Report: Xbox Making Show About A 'Bastion Of Bro-Fuelled Debauchery'

Report: Xbox Making Show About A

Or, how not to smash a console stereotype. Deadline is reporting that Xbox Studios, the group responsible for bringing original programming to Microsoft's consoles, is working on "scripted comedy East Of Exurbia".

It is based on... a story that was written on... Brobible. If you're unfamiliar with the site, it is exactly what it sounds like.

That story "revolves around three guys who try to build a bastion of bro-fuelled debauchery in a house that happens to be situated on top of a magical portal to other worlds".


XBox Developing Supernatural Bro Comedy [Deadline]


    Unless it's being ironic or showing the problems with dudebros obsession with toxic masculinity, this sounds like a terrible idea that makes humanity weep.

    Goddamn I hate bros... (not the 80s three piece pop group of 'When Will I Be Famous' fame.)

      Oh I hated Bros soooo much... Especially because NOW I HAVE THAT F'ING SONG IN MY HEAD!

        One of the BROS, Luke Goss, was the villain in Hellboy 2.

    I think someone should point out that what you're doing here is generalising and demonizing a group of people based on stereotypes; those you believe to be "bros".

    I thought there was an awareness of this sort of thing here? I'm not into "bro-culture" but I don't assume all of them are a danger to our morals, that line of thinking supposedly went out of date for obvious reasons.

    Between this, the piling on Halo, and CoD exclusive content, it seems they have the bro market cornered at least.

    I read the headline as 'A bastion of bro-fueled douchbaggery' and am not sure I was wrong.

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