Rust Is Getting Scrapped For A New Rust

Rust Is Getting Scrapped For A New Rust

If you didn't like the way things were panning out in survival sim/trouserless apocalypse Rust, that's cool. The developers are chucking it in the bin and starting over.

Garry Newman, boss of developers Facepunch (and creator of Garry's Mod), tells PCGamesN that Rust was actually built atop the code of a different game the team had been working on (a mix of Hitman and GTA), and because of this much of it wasn't being used for Rust, which was making a mess.

This didn't just lead to waste, but also problems for the code that Rust was using. "There's a lot of systems that are integral to Rust, that are 3000 lines long, that could be 100 lines long," Newman says. "So every time you go to change something you have to chase around finding how these five different systems that it doesn't really need work, then you change it and it breaks 4 different systems that you thought had nothing to do with it."

Rather than keep slogging away in the face of all that, then, they're just going to start over.

Rust is rebooting: here's why [PCGamesN]


    Bought it. Hated it. So buggy and updates were sometimes so slow in coming or never came and they moved onto some other bug. Ideally I hope if they remake it or something previous owners don't need to re-buy it.

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