Sadly, EA Won't Give You Money To Buy Dragon Age In The Steam Sales...

Steam Sales are frequently amazing — but would a publisher ever pay you money to buy a game? Surely not. But that's what it looked like when Dragon Age came up as a deal in today's Steam Sales, advertised at 125% off! Meaning, you would presume, that EA would pay consumers $7.51 to 'buy' the game.

Sadly, that wasn't the case. To begin with, it was just a typo, which was very quickly fixed (the front page now shows the correct price: 75% off at $7.49) and secondly, the price was always showing the correct figure once you clicked through the front page.

Such a shame. How good would it be to get an extra $7.51 added to your Steam wallet and a copy of Dragon Age. Steam sales are awesome, but surely they couldn't be that awesome.


    You call this games journalism? Shame on you and a pox on your house!

    The original price was -$7.51! Not -$7.49 as this so called "article" claims.

    Something something more vitriolic nonsense.

      Haha! Got it! Thanks dude.

        Now I'm annoyed I missed a chance to say "tuppence" :p

      I demand $7.51 for my time wasted!
      *insert incomprehensible rant that only makes sense to the commentor when they are on the verge of having more alcohol than blood in their veins*


      A Kotaku article doesn't get its wings until someone complains about the decline of video game journalism.

        If someone isn't frothing at the mouth over an inconsequential mistake, what's the point of reading the comments of an online article?

          It's even better when it's aimed at the US staff who can't read the .AU comments because it's not Kinja based.

    Origins is the first Dragon Age.
    If it were Dragon Age 2, they'd have to offer me a little more to want to play it again...

      Sidevote! Up for funny, down for 'Hey, it was totally underrated! Yes the mechanics were annoying but the story was solid!'

        Unfortunately, being a video game the mechanics are fairly important. Also the fact that the story was really good just makes it worse, we were denied a good story because of cost cutting.

    Uh Mark, when I clicked through, it still showed the wrong price. It just wouldn't let me buy it. Which made me sad. I WANTED TO GIFT IT TO THE MASSES.

    If this offer had been real and attached to Dragon Age 2, I might actually have bought a copy... second thought, no I wouldn't

    Pretty sure EA will give it away on Origin to hype up the release of the new Dragon Age game.

      Yeah... I most likely wont play DA3. Bioware dropped from Day 1 release to wait for sales after ME3 and now its Origin Only? Yeah No thanks.

    This same thing happened last sale with Sonic Racing or something and it wouldn't let me purchase it :(

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