Sci-Fi Guns Are Becoming Real, Thanks To... Google Glass

Any time there's a new technology that's sufficiently impressive, chances are someone's going to use it to make guns work better. That appears to be the case with Google Glass, which tech/firearm company TrackingPoint is using to augment their laser-guided cybergun to allow soldiers to fire around corners and from behind heavy cover.

You may remember TrackingPoint from the "3D video game-style teaser" video they released for their laser-guided smartrifle last year.

Watch the video up top to get a sense of how it works. Honestly, it really was only a matter of time before someone came up with this sort of thing; I feel like I've been using this sort of stuff in video games for years. One step closer to just having all our wars fought by robot proxies, I guess.

[via Motherboard]


    This would be awesome applied to laser tag / paintball

    This reminds me of the German's attempt at curved gun barrels.

    Wouldn't be as accurate as having your eye right up against it with your shoulder supporting the thrust of the gun.

      Most probably, but I bet its a lot more safe than your guys putting parts of their faces out from cover.

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