Hey everyone. I've decided, that for the next week or so I'm just going to play havoc with guessing games. You'll never know what's coming: it could be a ScribbleTaku, it could be Remember This, it could be HaiTaku, it could even be SingTaku. Let the games begin.

Today, obviously, it's a ScribbleTaku. It's been a while since I've done one of these. I seriously forgot how to bloody draw!

Good luck everyone!


    It looks like a nightmare I had about sentient corn-chips...Monsters Inc?

    Ahhh I missed Scribbletaku. My personal favourite of the Kotaku lunch games.

    Saying that I have no idea what this is so I am going to go with my old faithful Elevator Action.

      Oh man I loved that game.

        I still load up that game on mame every so often and have a go! Takes me back to the days of popping 20c in to the tabletop machine to play for hours on end!

    It looks like Link has used Majora's mask to bash in nails, and he dented the edges

    This is clearly the Eye of Sauron.... if you account for Mark's poor scribbling skills giving it a 78% margin of error.

    Proximity mine from Goldeneye.

      Ohhh yeah has to be! If so, ohmygosh drawing is worse than even Mark let on

      Yeah it's the mine!

      P.S. I don't understand why mark drew an eye in the middle of it!

        Trying to throw off people by making them think it's a one eyed thwomp?!

    Looks like a boss from a Zelda game to me.. A Link To The Past?

    Or some sort of soccer game....

    It's a proximity mine from Goldeneye 64!

    It reminds me of an inventory item from a LucasArts adventure game, one where you use a shovel for multiple task like relocating dirt from one place to another.

    Damnit it looks like a monster in a Gameboy game i used to own and for the life of me i can't remember what it is... it also had Kasa-obake (japanese umbrella leg looking thing - Google it)... Is it Kirby's dreamland for the Gameboy?????

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    >picking lunchtime games at random

    also, what scrumptatoes said

    It's dignity, isn't it? Or is it a door?

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