See How Much Faster Your Wii U Gets You Into A Game

See How Much Faster Your Wii U Gets You Into A Game

The latest update to the Wii U adds a Quick Start menu, which lets you select a recently used game or app to load before the console even boots up. Take a look at how it works with Kotaku Editor-in-Chief Stephen Totilo.

Note that the feature doesn't actually make games load faster, it just saves you the time of waiting for the console to load up and then navigating the Wii U's menu before beginning to load your game.

With Quick Start, you select the game you want to play before the console has even started to turn on, and it begins loading the game or app immediately after the console has finished booting up. So if you want to walk away while everything loads, you'll come back to your game's menu instead of the Wii U menu. Nifty!


    I've been totally stunned by the new Wii U update, everything is just generally faster now it's quite impressive. Almost on par with the PS4 UI speeds.

    Quick Start faster into games? I thought it was called the play Mario Kart 8 now feature.

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