Shigeru Miyamoto Has A Question For All Of You

Shigeru Miyamoto Has A Question For All Of You

The man who made Mario and Zelda needs you to tell him something, Kotaku. As I was concluding my interview with him at E3 last week, I asked if he had anything else he'd like Kotaku readers to know. Oh, he did. But he also wanted to know something that only you can answer.

Here's Miyamoto (with his question bolded for emphasis)...

Shigeru Miyamoto: So certainly, for Kotaku readers, they know there are a lot of different hardware platforms, and I hope that they look at those as necessarily a competition between all the platforms but really that each platform has its own uniqueness.

One of the uniquenesses of Wii U [is that] this is a device that's really suited to being connected to the TV in your living room, and it has a lot of very convenient applications that you can use there. We're going to continue to design our games in a way that are suited to play in the living room — whether it's one person playing and everyone enjoying that by watching — but we're also working on a number of additional games that we're designing and releasing next year as well.

We hope that everybody is looking forward to that and that we're designing experiences that you can only do on the Wii U GamePad so I hope everyone will support us and look forward to our products.

Maybe you can do a poll for Kotaku readers to see which game you want us to make for Wii U, and, if you get a good answer, you can give us a call.

Stephen Totilo: What's your phone number?


OK, everyone, it's time to tell Miyamoto which game(s) you want for the Wii U. Chime in below.

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    Cross-platform pokemon.
    But a proper game.
    It doesn't have to be an MMO, but a fully-fledged, pokemon game on Wii U would be great, as long as the portable series continues.

    Something worth playing... I dunno, honestly. There just doesn't seem to be a reason to buy a U. Or a One, or a 4. The new R9 290 was definitely worth it, though.

    - A new 2D sidescrolling Metroid. A reboot - a re-telling of the original Metroid with everything they've learnt across the years.
    - Majora's Mask HD - rebuilding the classic from the ground up, Master Quest re-mixes of dungeons etc.
    - A fully fleshed out Pokemon RPG. A single-player experience with an entire multiplayer suite, trade station, etc.
    - More Virtual Console games. Bring SNES, N64, Gamecube games to the virtual console.

      Did you not play Zero Mission?


          You're missing out!

          Best remake of anything ever.

          It was Metroid 1 remade using Metroid Fusion's engine on Advance.
          Exactly what you want!!

    yea a new metroid would be nice. having a 2d side scroller would be awesome, although i have a feeling that nintendo will choose the fps over it instead for the wii u and leave the platforming for the 3ds.

    I say let Nintendo employees spend 6 months breaking off into small indie teams and release a couple dozen new experiences, sell on eShop and whatever sticks you can turn into new IP.

    Nintendo's problem is stagnation. There could be the next big idea inside one of Nintendo's younger employee's but he's too busy polishing the mustache animations on New Super Mario Bros Wii U 2.

    If you think about how many cool new ideas came out of the last Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight and multiply that by Nintendo, you get awesome.

      Something like this might be an idea...although it leaves Nintendo potentially open to being copied and beaten to the punch by other developers. So...

      I definately think that it's important for Nintendo to re-visit their classic franchises each console generation (except 2d Mario), because these are central to its identity. However, this needs to be balanced by experimentation with gameplay ideas that aren't possible in Mario/Zelda/Metroid, etc. Splatoon is a good start, and an example of the sort of thing they should be doing more of. Captain toad as well i guess is doing a different type of gameplay...

      At the end of the day, I personally couldn't think up anything conceptually as brilliant and strange as Pikmin for example. I think Nintendo needs to worry less about gaming trends (i.e. online competitive multiplayer, MOBA's, 1st person shooters, etc..) and what people like us think, and just make the sort of games THEY think will be FUN to play that are inclusive, but not necessarily dumbed-down, and that are 'unique'.

      I want to see games that are artistically distinct and provide a unique spin on traditional gameplay. Pikmin is a game that does this very well, and I do think RTS type gameplay is a perfect fit for the wii u gamepad.

      I think Nintendo are at their best when they are experimenting rather than iterating/refining fwiw.

      N.B. I'm really not into jRPG's, so not too many of those please...unless it's some weirdass thing like Earthbound, or a Mario RPG sequel perhaps.

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        Exactly, Nintendo has always given us what we didn't know we wanted. Now, though, they've practically annualised the Mario franchise and are re-iterating everything else.

        We talk about big budget, AAA games being this unhealthy practice of risk-free investments, but Nintendo seem just as guilty as Activision or EA at this point. And it's indie games people are now turning to for a fresh experience - that used to be Nintendo.

    AAA Console grade RPG of the pokemon series!! that covers each of the regions in a similar way that Gold flowed from johto onto kanto!! and accessibility to all of the pokemon!!

    A HD remake of the prime trilogy or a new 3d metroid NOT BY TEAM NINJA.

      upvoting for the "not by Team Ninja"

      Team Ninja are great at what they do, but they should not be allowed anywhere near Metroid ever again...

      I understand where you're coming from with the no Team Ninja thing, their games have been going to shit since Itagaki left after NG2. However, they weren't the ones who wrote the story. The credit for that would go to Sakamoto, the guy who co-created the original Metroid. Ideally, just let Retro make a new Prime and keep Sakamoto distracted and we're good.

    no doubt THE LAST STORY 2

    this was a game I could not stop playing


    Super Mario Sunshine Galaxy 64, of course. A full Mario Adventure is usually what spurs me to buy the latest Nintendo console.

    On the other hand, new ideas are needed for new characters and games.

    All together now: Pokémon MMO!

    Honestly, I think it would be really cool to have another iteration of F-Zero. It's a franchise that Nintendo has let lie for far too long. I feel like the Advance Wars would be a perfect fit for the Wii U controller, so it would be really cool to see a brand-new game in the series on Nintendo's home console. I'd also like to see a traditional base-building RTS that employed the graphical style of the original StarCraft or Warcraft 2. The Wii U's touchpad makes it the console of choice for strategy games and I'd really like to see it used more often.

    Finally, (and I know this will probably seem weird) I feel like an Ice Climber reboot would be interesting. Their presence in Smash Bros puts them in an interesting position, in which so many people know about them, but only a fraction of those people have actually played their game. The Ice Climbers have been left untapped for so long, but if Kid Icarus can be redone in such a great way, they can too.

      sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who wants a new F-Zero game...!

        F-ZERO!!! My eyes have recovered from the gamecube version and my body is ready for a WiiU version

      Have you ever played 'Climber' the game & watch spin-off from Ice Climbers? A new take on that would be great - most fun G&W ever!

    A star fox game without gimmicks. Like 64 but in new locations. No motion controls being vital to game play or anything no. Just on rails Arwing fun with branching paths. That's what I'd love to see

    I know its been said before but, a new Pokemon Snap game using gamepad as a camera.

    1.Metroid 2d & 3d,
    2. Wasn't there supposed to be metroid hunter spinoffs involving the other hunters?
    3. Pokemon vs metroid
    4. Phoenix wright vs judge dread
    5. A nintendo mecha game
    6. A metroid encylcopedia game like the pokedex
    7. Nintendo rythme game based on their impressive music library
    8. An expendables like game with their female characters
    9. A game solely dedicated to only cats
    10. A battleship game

    A new Starfox with co-op as an option. Make it feel like we're on an adventure on different planets. The GC version had too little flying & crap ground adventures
    A new Metroid Prime with co-op option as well. The Nintendo Land missions were fun but we need to use those moves in an adventure game.

    I find that the gamepad is a really unique device that can be used effectively to hide actions from other players. In saying that a game that would utilize this in a game mechanic would be really cool. Just of the top of my head a dungeon master game, where the other players need to traverse through levels where the "5th" player would control enemies by commanding them down certain paths would be really interesting. Players could go up levels, maybe even use the amiibos to make it nintendo oriented.

    A FPS that isn't a sci-fi shooter.
    Or Splatoon that isn't limited to shooting ink, but maybe having game-play similar to smash bros where players have damage gauges with the same goal of blasting your opponents out of the arena/map

    Omg.. It's not fricking rocket science. Pump out a Mario game that's like Mario 64 yet bigger, better and grander! Also get a console version of Pokemon going.... And Metroid!

    fzero!!!!!!!! metroid (2d or 3d) castlevania 2d (action-platformer rather than backtracking exploarathon).

    side scrolling metroid with controls that feel exactly like samus does in SSBM.

    Wouldn't mind another chapter of Tactics Ogre, though I imagine that's out his hands. An isometric RPG utilizing the dual screen would be fun.

    I want to see them make a Samus game (un-Metroid related) with the same design principle as the upcoming Legend of Zelda game -a completely open world. Although more an open universe idea, where you have a set number of planets & space stations to explore.
    Mix 3rd & 1st person perspectives using the GamePad & have the plot more to do with Samus' bounty hunting life. Set after the Metroid series.

    Other than that: a new Pokemon like IP that does the MMORPG thing, to make trading & battling easier.

    But want to see an new IP with a new female character that doesn't revert to tropes of weakness or hypernsexualisation.

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