Skyrim Will Never Stop Getting Prettier

It’s 2014 — almost three years after Skyrim’s original release. Despite its age, the game can still look damn incredible thanks to modders.

Mods like RealVision ENB have been around for a while, but this one in particular actually got an update recently — along with this swanky new trailer.

You can download the mod here, where you’ll also find instructions on how to install it, as well as other mods that can beef up your game of Skyrim.


  • Now might be a good time to actually sit down and play it now. Can anyone recommend a really good, stable, graphical-upgrade mod?

  • Yeah it looks great and it would even run on my new gpu but jesus who is going to fuck around with the 50 mods listed there to get it looking like this?

    I mean this is on a pc I can imagine it would take an entire working day at least to get these all installed and working properly.

    Now if someone managed to make a super mod that was all the essential mods in one that could be turned on off in the menus to suit the power level of your pc that would be another story, but this is just way too much work.

  • That’s really nice, I love it!
    The recent steamsale had me buying it for the PC again (own it on ps3). Best 16 bucks ever!
    Being on an older pc I was surprised to see I could run Skyrim smoothly on ultra high settings.
    I am even more surprised that with even just 4 or 5 well placed atmosphere and foliage mods, you can already make the game look 20x more beatiful. Falling in love with Skyrim all over again!

  • I spent about an hour a night for a week working my way through the instructions on that page, adding most (but not absolutely all) of the mods, and installing a ton of other mods from the site for both graphics and gameplay/immersion – got up to about 75 mods. My PC is over 2 years old and handles it without a stutter, and the game looks great – not quite as good as the video, but I’m not doing much fine tuning.

    The most important parts of the process are getting the install and load orders right, and testing as you go because I did find a few incompatibilities and had to give up on several mods working.

    One tip I can offer that helped me is that if it goes haywire, don’t despair. Most of Skyrim’s game files are stored in custom containers with a .bsa extension – these are the massive, gigabyte sized files in your Data folder. All you need to do to reset the game to default is delete everything except these large files, and then tell Steam to validate the games data – it will only need to download a couple hundred mb at most to have a working install again.

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