Smash Bros' Surprise New Hero: Lady Palutena

Smash Bros' Surprise New Hero: Lady Palutena

Kid Icarus' ruling goddess of Angel Land will be showing up in the new Smash Bros. game to kick some butt.

Long a supporting character in the Kid Icarus game, Lady Palutena's also been seen as part of Pit's Final Smash attacks. Now, as the video from today's Nintendo presentation showed, she'll be a playable character in her own right.


    Sound like a total nerd, but, that dub makes no sense... "I'm not here to save you... I'm here for a bit of Divine Intervention". Divine intervention means she is there for others, not herself, whereas in the original Japanese, she says "I'm no here to save you... I just thought this looks like fun!", showing that the divine intervention is a bi-product, not her goal.

    I think the translator just wanted to make a divine intervention gag and forced it in :P. Translation does not need to be literal (often poor translation is a result of being too literal), but it should make sense!

    Nintendo Treehouse, can I have a job? :D

    As for the actual news, yay! Even though she played a bit part, Palutena was a memorable character from Kid Ikarus for me. And I wish Smash Bros. looked like that animation (could do in a similar way to the new Guilty Gear).

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      Isn't divine intervention just when a deity influences what's going on? She's a goddess and instead of sitting back and watching, she's jumping in herself. Makes sense to me.

        Your definition is correct, and my supposition of "there for others, not herself" is indeed incorrect, as divine intervention can certainly be for a god's own gain. But isn't it kind of a moot point for her to make... Anything a goddess does in the mortal realm is divine intervention.

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