So There's A New Dead Island Coming Out

So There's A New Dead Island Coming Out

Thought that H1Z1 and Dying Light meant that we were done with Dead Island? Think again! Sony just announced Dead Island 2 at its E3 press conference.

Here's a zombie-tastic trailer:


    Is it not coming to xbox one?

      probably will be. given it was announced through the Sony presentation, I can sorta see why they'd neglect mentioning other platforms.

      new Tomb raider did the same thing. only mentioned as being on Xbone, but came out later that it'll be multiplatform...

        i hate that about some of these game trailers shown during the press conferences. Unless theres some sort of exclusivity related to them, having them in there just seems like filler...

        Yeah googled it, it is confirmed for next gen concoles and PC.

    I had to watch this with the sound down during my commute and am thinking this trailer could nearly be a parody of LMFAO's Sexy and I know it music video.

    Looking forward to this - especially coop

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