So There’s A New Dead Island Coming Out

So There’s A New Dead Island Coming Out

Thought that H1Z1 and Dying Light meant that we were done with Dead Island? Think again! Sony just announced Dead Island 2 at its E3 press conference.

Here’s a zombie-tastic trailer:


    • probably will be. given it was announced through the Sony presentation, I can sorta see why they’d neglect mentioning other platforms.

      new Tomb raider did the same thing. only mentioned as being on Xbone, but came out later that it’ll be multiplatform…

      • i hate that about some of these game trailers shown during the press conferences. Unless theres some sort of exclusivity related to them, having them in there just seems like filler…

  • I had to watch this with the sound down during my commute and am thinking this trailer could nearly be a parody of LMFAO’s Sexy and I know it music video.

    Looking forward to this – especially coop

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