So This Is How They Came Up With Battlefield: Hardline...

Battlefield Hardline. It really is a cool idea I think. Cops and Robbers is a game as old as time and I can't believe it's taken so long for a first person shooter to really harness that instinct in our culture. I think it looks like a lot of fun.

But I guess it is a little familiar... some of Battlefield Hardline's elements do exist in other games! Look above for an alternate guess on how EA came up with the core concept for the game!

Jokes aside — that's just the nature of things. So many interesting ideas come from the merging of two completely distinct things. I'm actually looking forward to Battlefield's new direction.


    I thought the idea came up the same way they always come up with a new game. EA walks into DICEs office and threatens to fire them if they don't them money for this year.

      But DICE aren't making this one, are they? I thought it was Visceral i.e. the Dead Space guys?

        Which Dead Space guys? The guys who made 2 games out of love and talent? Or the Dead Space guys that let EA make their game?

        Visceral is making the single-player. DICE is making the multiplayer.

          Actually, in a post made on battlelog by dice, they said that visceral is leading the development of the game (one could assume that means both single and multiplayer right?)


    Wonder if there will be women in this one? I will reserve my rage.

      Come on dude, you're just pushing an agenda now.

      Last edited 12/06/14 4:56 pm

        Today is the day of the non issue. If kotaku you will fuel the angry 48%ers over a Ubisoft game than why not every other game that doesn't give you that option?

      What you should be saying: I wonder if more women will be making this one.

    Already looks better than Payday 2... Im still bitter about how disappointed i was with payday 2 :P

      Because it was pretty much what we all expected? If you really expected more than we got with Payday 2 you are bonkers my friend.

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