Be Careful: Major Witcher 3 Spoilers Have Leaked

Be Careful: Major Witcher 3 Spoilers Have Leaked

A major Witcher 3 leak has left spoilers all over the web, and the leaked material "may heavily impact and spoil your future gaming experience," according to the RPG's developer, CD Projekt Red.

The files, as Eurogamer reports, originate from the hacked Google Drive of a CD Projekt Red employee, and are currently making rounds online after being shared on 4chan and Reddit. The leak includes screenshots from the game, concept art, and more importantly, design documents which detail, among other things, Witcher 3's setting, story, and endings.

In a statement sent to Eurogamer, CD Projekt Red PR manager Michał Platkow-Gilewski acknowledged the leak, and "strongly advised" people not to access the leaked files due to the presence of spoilers, also noting that the leak does not affect the development cycle of the game in any way.

Witcher 3 Design Documents Have Been Leaked [Reddit] Huge Witcher 3 leak reveals ending details, monsters, plot [Eurogamer]


    On the plus side, the leak got me looking at the game, that before now I couldnt have given a toss for. Now im kinda interested in this game.

      I guess you are the type that like some spoilers. I'm the extremist type that stay away from any spoilers.

        dito I wont be reading them

          But I am interested in the concept art. I'm a sucker for beautiful pre production art too :P Does anyone know how is the file structure of the leaked stuff? I don't mine grabbing just the concept arts.

            everything is either its own .doc or own .pdf file, though for concept you want to take a gander at the monster and opponent design doc as it has some rather awesome concept art of various monsters that will be in the game and some that have been removed. theres also no story spoilers in that doc (unless you count what monsters will be in the game as a spoiler) the doc basically lists strenghts and weaknessm type of attacks and what kills certain monsters in a rather abstract way

    Heavens to mergatroyd! As a grown adult how will I ever deal with the concept of seeing/hearing a spoiler? Quite the conundrum.

    Rot 13 anyone?

      There is no need, spoiler tags are working once more. But please put a heading on it before the spoiler tag, so people know what the subject is before they click it.

    Company treats fans in the exact way gamers ask to be treated...

    Company gets fucked over by its fanbase. *sigh*

    Thank god it's only a minority of them, but seriously, they were the last ones to deserve something like this.

      apprently it wasnt hacked, the google drive was accidently made public instead of private. ive read some of the documents and pdf files already and they just make want the game even more

    So I have to dodge spoilers for eight months, not including the month it'll take to play it?! This must be a record...

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