Sonic Runs At 288km/h, According To Science

Sonic Runs At 288km/h, According To Science

We all know Sonic is fast. But how fast is fast by the hedgehog’s standards? Not fast enough to win the race against Mario, clearly. Sorry, I know it’s still too soon.

The research scientists over at The Escapist’s Game Theory video series put Sonic’s famed running abilities under the microscope and came up with some surprising results. According to their number-crunching, the top speed Sonic has attained so far in his career is 80 metres per second, or 288km/h: For a point of reference here, I asked Michael Ballaban from our sister site Jalopnik how Sonic’s top speed compares to modern auto standards. He told me that Sonic is about as fast as a Porsche 911 Carrera. Plenty of high-end Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches can get above 300km/h at this point.

And when it comes to actually breaking the sound barrier like Sega has claimed Sonic can do? Well, the Thrust SCC made history back in 1997 when it clocked in at 1228km/h.

Wait a minute: a real-life automobile can go faster than a make-believe video game character? I don’t know what to believe in anymore.

[via BuzzFeed]


  • Also from the same game theory series they found that MARIO is faster than sonic, also the famed shinespark & extremespeed are faster than that, possibly a reason why we see sonic in a racing game

  • I really don’t like Sonic games… But that’s only because I’m awful at them. HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO REACT TO AN OBSTACLE WHEN YOURE GOING THAT FAST??

      • We have quite a few hedgehogs round our house and their reflexes leave much to be desired. I think they gave up on becoming evolutionarily viable. Although those Mister Needlemice are damned cute.

  • No way in hell is Mario faster than Sonic :/

    Sonic has two transformations; Sonic -> SuperSonic -> HyperSonic.

    Geez Sonic Team doesn’t seem to remember their own lore…

  • Just because Nintendo won the war, doesn’t mean you get to re-write history 😛 Thankyou very much :/

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