Sonic, What Have They Done To You?

Sonic, What Have They Done To You?

Today, the Android version of Sonic Dash updated with a new unlockable character. It's Sonic, in the shape of the Android robot. Andronic the Droid Hog, if you will. This is what he looks like.

Image courtesy of Pocket Gamer, here's the Android robot, for comparison's sake:

Sonic, What Have They Done To You?

And here's what Andronic looks like in action, via SarcasticGamerVideos:

Stephen Totilo thinks the new character looks cute. I on the other hand can practically imagine this Sonic saying "please end my misery." Either way, if you want to play as this thing, you can download Sonic Dash on Google Play here — you'll need to play the game 50 times as the normal Android robot to unlock Andronic.


    I find this design marginally more appealing than that... thing... in the upcoming actual Sonic game. :\

    And people WANT Nintendo to fail as a hardware company?

      i dont think nintendo has anything to do with this...

        I think he is meaning that since Sega failed as a hardware company this is what they've been reduced to, and the same would happen to Nintendo.

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