Sony Announces Beautiful New PS4 Game, And It's Out Right Now

Sony Just Announced A Beautiful New PS4 Game, And It's Out Right Now

Say hello to Entwined, a fetching new indie game that was just announced at the Sony press conference. The game is out right now for the price of $US10, and features crossbuy for PS3 and Vita too.

Built by game design students, Entwined has players controlling a pair of birds in love who can't touch via the DualShock 4's analogue sticks. It looks like yet another indie game that should be a touching, tender experience.


    BRB inserting money into the Sony machine's 'pretentious indie game' slot. Dammit. Got to stop buying these!

    One of those birds looks like a fish?

      It is, it's a bird and a fish not two birds. Kotaku blew it

      I thought it was a bird and a fish. Then I came here and now I'm all confused.

    Anyone played it? Sure it looks pretty, but is the game fun? Running games on my phone look pretty too... for free.

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