Sony's E3 Conference: Everything You Need To Know

Well, that was something. Sure, Sony's presentation sagged in the middle, but it truly provided a lot of new information about a lot of new games. The thing that impressed me most? The sheer variety of experiences that seemed to be on offer. Sony's E3 conference was more that shooting, driving and sports. Here's everything you need to know about: Uncharted, No Man's Sky, LittleBigPlanet 3... all of it.

Uncharted 4 Stars, You Guessed It, Nathan Drake It's Drake. He's old. OLD DRAKE.

No Man's Sky You Win E3 Forever How is this even possible? This game looks like it's from the future.

GTA V Is Coming To PS4 This still surprised me...

Dark Souls Successor Is Coming To The PS4 Yes. Yes. Yes. I am so glad this game exists. Yes.

Destiny's E3 Trailer Is Full Of Expensive Space Magic It still looks good!

Abzu Looks Like Journey But Underwater. Neat. This looked glorious.

Mortal Kombat Looking Good And Gory Like It's Supposed To I need a petition to get The Mountain from Game of Thrones in this bad boy.

Grim Fandango Is Getting Remastered For PS4 Vita One of the biggest surprises of the show so far. A pleasant surprise.

White PS4 Drops On September 9th No word on Australia sadly, but I'm sure it'll get here eventually.

Rejoice: LittleBigPlanet 3 Is Coming This is just gloriously cute. It has a sackdog. Game over man. Game over.


    It was great

    Even better with NO focus on PS3 - meaning virtually the whole show dedicated to the PS4
    A little disappointing about no major Vita releases announced though

    Other than that, everything I wanted and more was there


      I think/hope they may give Vita more prominence at TGS, given that Japan's gaming tastes skew more towards handhelds than home consoles these days.

        Idk man, their 'vision' for selling the Vita seems to be: It now streams some PS3 games!! You like? Eh? Eh?

        But yeah, I hope so too.

          people seem to think vita is dead in the west; but its actually doing pretty well in japan. im hoping there's more for it at TGS aswell.

          though i must admit i was quite annoyed they didnt have any exclusive vita games in the conference... its like they just dont know how to sell the system properly to a western audience. we want something made for the system; not stinkin ports dammit!

    My personal favourite was Ratchet and Clank 1 getting "REIMAGINED" (whatever that means exactly). R&C1 was shit. It needs it.

    Plus the series lends itself perfectly to a kids movie. Over the top ridiculous action, fuzzy creatures and robots, and extensive tongue in cheek humour. If they market it right, it will blow up.

    By releasing a new take on the first game around the same time, they'll hook kids in with the movie and keep them with the games.

    If they do it right this has the potential to completely revitalise R&C with a new and younger audience, and actually move systems. It's actually brilliant if they can pull it off.

    ... If.

      What was wrong with R&C 1????

        Clunky controls, the weapon system wasn't fully realised yet, it was difficult but not in a good/rewarding way and it just feels so flat and dead compared to the others.

          I found 2 boring in comparison to it, with only the weapon system being an improvement.

          Probably a bit of nostalgia too. I loved R&C 1 very much, with only 3 really taking more of my time investment due to more progression systems introduced and such.

    Any word on when Playstation TV comes out here, and what price it'll be?

    I've been waiting a year so i could play persona 4 golden on my tv!

    I was worried in the middle there, but they pulled through in the end. Both conferences had their little disappointments for me, but in the end both were good.

    Yeah, the middle kinda dragged for me. But I am quite excited for alot of the games that were on display.

    LanBearPig 3 was a nice surprise too :)

    I thought the presentation lacked exclusive games (I've never really been a fan of LBP) and was disappointed with the lack of Vita offerings. Sony really doesn't seem to know what to do with the device. Hopefully the addition of Vita TV to the western market might drive some more games for the handheld.
    The PS4 is a beast of a console, but still doesn't have the killer game that makes me want to buy it!

    A few thought from Sony's presser.

    Holy cow, GTA V re-reveal, PS4, with XB1 and PC also announced... I am so happy. I have heard rumours of it being revealed by Sony for a couple of months now but as all internet rumours, i took it with a grain (more shaker) of salt but who cares, my PC can now have GTA goodness on it.

    No Mans Sky looks fecking awesome. Might need to save the dosh and buy a PS4.

    Croteams Principal of Talos... Croteam are calling it a FPPP (First Person Philosophical Puzzler) but it does smell of Serious Sam 4 though. The trailer even had a voice who sounded like Sam Stone in it. It was revealed in a Croteam humble bundle that SS4 was in the works.

    Lastly, my internet sucks major arse. The live stream buffered every 30 seconds and speed test during it had a ping of 611ms. supposed ADSL2+ connection and wasn't even pulling 1.5mbps. I suppose everyone was watching the same thing because my internet is now going at what it normally does.

      Haha yeh I always have a problem viewing twitch or ustream on my shitty net, however watching the live stream from their Youtube stream worked perfectly for me (unless that was what you did in which case disregard this comment)

        I was watching the stream from here, i did watch a little from ustream but that was just as bad.

    No Man's Sky just caught me off guard for a proper indie title. No longer when I hear 'indie' will I think of hand-drawn/retro scrollers. Definitely the game I'm putting to the top of my list once I figure out exactly what it's all about :D kinda looks like what Spore promised but never delivered, but I might be missing the point there. Someone tell me if so.

    Metal Gear V trailer was awesome as well. Even more so with the Mike Oldfield soundtrack.

    Other games, Mortal Kombat X looks great, GTA V I guess I'll have to get as long as there's enough of an upgrade to make it worthwhile over the PS3 and Grim Fandango of course.

    Now to wait a couple of days before testing out the Destony alpha

    I loved the Last Guardian announcement... oh wait.

    I'm so happy Vita TV (now 'Playstation TV') is coming over.

      Yep I'm stoked with that one too. Might be time to kick my dodgy Apple TV out the door.

    The Grim Fandango thing is what blew my mind. I never ever would have predicted that one.

    And because nobody else has mentioned it yet, I am excited about Old Drake.

    Best trailer goes to MGSV IMO. This installment is going in a very dark direction and the trailer does a great job of showing it. My only gripe is that a release date is yet to be revealed...

    Other than that, Destiny-great, LBP-kewl and No Man's Sky-great.

    Yeah it did dragg a little bit in the middle but there is defiantly some cool games coming out and can't wait to pick the up. Ps4 over xbox one any day

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