Soon You'll Be Able To Build Your Own Mario Levels On The Wii U

Soon You'll Be Able To Build Your Own Mario Levels On The Wii U

Admit it: You've always dreamed about making your own Super Mario Bros. levels. We all have. Well, we'll finally be able to once Mario Maker comes out for the Wii U.

Here's an amazing-looking trailer:

Nintendo just announced the new game during its E3 Nintendo Direct address. As the title implies, the game lets you try your hand at building levels modelled after the most iconic series in gaming.


    This looks super fun - no more recreating Mario levels in LBP.

    If you really can't wait, there's always Mario Builder which has been out for ages! You can't make Wii/WiiU style levels but you can still make levels from SMB1 - SMB3 and SMW

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      Yeah, I was about to say that Editors for Super Mario games have been out for alooong time, too. Actually I'll check this out as I haven't checked-up on retro game editors in a long time.

    No matter the level, guaranteed I'll die on the first goomba of any level

    Cool! Yet another medium in which I can totally suck at designing original content.
    Other people won't, though, and so an endless game of Mario sounds awesome.

      Haha, I agree, but at least this is using the stylus, which should make designing easier (how people make those crazy beautiful LBP levels with a controller, I will never know!).

        Dedication and wizardry, I reckon.
        A stylus will definitely help but what I'm lacking isn't a control scheme, it's creativity.

    so uhhh after everything from Nintendo this year i think they win E3 for once...

    Can't wait to drop Mario into a room with 4000 goombas.

    Though the great coders in the emulation & modding scene have done this already, all I can say though is that this will be big. I hope Nintendo is ready for it. Seems like such a small thing, but the community will explode I say, as editing classic video games is highly addictive...

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