Square Enix Says Not To Expect Final Fantasy XV And KHIII At E3

Square Enix Says Not To Expect Final Fantasy XV and KHIII at E3

Because Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, that's why. Or, rather, something about optimal timing. But don't worry, everything is just fine!

In an interview with Famitsu, Square Enix exec Shinji Hashimoto revealed that there won't be new info about Final Fantasy XV at this year's E3. Who knows, maybe Square Enix will change its mind! But if anyone would know what Square Enix is doing at E3, it's Hashimoto, who helms the Final Fantasy brand.

"First, I just want to say that Final Fantasy XV's development is progressing favourably," Hashimoto said. "In the company, we're always trying to figure out the optimal timing to release new information to the fans. We decided that this year's E3 is not the most suitable time to release such information."

For those keeping track, Final Fantasy XV, which was originally called Final Fantasy Versus XIII, was first announced at the 2006 E3. If Square Enix holds out to 2016, it can hold a special ten year E3 anniversary for the game!

Continuing, Hashimoto added, "Instead, we are preparing for an event after E3 to make new announcements." He added that he was personally very much looking forward to when they can release new info about the game and thanked everyone for waiting. At this point, that's something Final Fantasy are quite good at.

And while Square Enix released a new Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix trailer that teases Kingdom Hearts III, don't expect a ton more on that game, either. "Right now, we are working hard on the game, and I think that we'd like some more time to make new announcements." Sigh.

Well, games aren't made in a day. They take time. And in the case of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, lots and lots of time. Just make the wait worth it, Square Enix.

発売日が決定した『KH -HD 2.5 リミックス-』、E3 2014で『KHIII』の新情報は!? 『FFXV』は!?【プレE3 2014】 [Famitsu via オレ的]

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    While at this point I give zero fucks about FFXV (I mean look at that header pic ffs), its disappointing that there wont be anything about KH3. Its true that the KH story is now a convoluted clusterfuck but damned if I still dont enjoy both 1 and 2 and want to see some sort of conclusion asap.

      I'm the opposite. I've enjoyed the spin-offs of KH more than the main series (not a fan of the characters/themes). 15 has me really excited, though. Nomura being in charge of a huge budget game and Nojima , who wrote the stories to some of my favourite FFs (7,8,10), could make it the most enjoyable FF since 9.

      It is disappointing. But last year at E3 they said the KH3 teaser was very early in development and even said it might have been a bit early to show off. Never really expected that to change in a single year tbh.

    Games certainly are not made in a day. However when they've nearly taken 10 years, that's when you know they have a one-way ticket to Train Crash Gully.

    FFXV not at the show? Big surprise. But c'mon. I wanna see it released and play it... I really do. But this is getting goddamn ridiculous.

    One can only hope that "Final Fantasy: Boy Band Edition" has been canned and they're busily putting the final touches on "Final Fantasy: The Return to Core Values" instead.

    Squeenix will probably wait for TGS, so they can show the game off to a local audience. They tend to get a good reaction there, from what I remember.

    Don't expect FFXV until, oh, Q2 2015 at the earliest. Hell, it may even push in to 2016 and round out 10 years since announcement.

    Vapourware indeed.

    In spite of all the vitriol aimed at FFXV, I thought the trailer last year was just absolutely stunning...

      The trailer 5 or 6 years ago was stunning too.

      Trailers. That's all we've really seen.

    Waiting as long as possible after the next gen consoles release is a smart idea. Squenix has already produced some PS4/One games, let them figure out the kinks and nuances of the systems so they can produce the best games possible. There can't be many games released in the first few years of a consoles life that are overly memorable.

    RIP E3

    What the hell happened to actually seeing the latest and most anticipated games at the industry's biggest trade show...

      To be fair, in their latest post, it shows photos of a massive Kingdom Hearts poster. Maybe they are pulling a feint on us.

    I foolishly hope against hope. Hashimoto, you're breaking my heart :'(

    At least they're not announcing an unreasonable release date that they'll never meet and have to delay.

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