Star Citizen Is Now Letting Spaceships Shoot At Other Spaceships

Having had little to do for months but walk around their hangars, backers of Star Citizen are finally getting their hands on some dogfighting with the rollout of the game's Arena Commander simulation mode.


    what a shitfight! I'll wait for the ability to explore the universe before dipping the toe in

    This is a big news for everyone in the community. Pretty much everyone thought it was going to be at least a couple more days but they delievered early and at a convinient time for Australia to boot!

    General consensous so far is that it is a good start and it was worth the wait. Also we have a neat little Australian/NZ community happening over at reddit at /r/starcitizenaustralia if anyone is interested.

    Arenas..... Pfffftttt.... Open world PVP or go home..... go home!!!!

    Cant wait to try this out when I get home, its gonna be amazing

    Does anyone else get the feeling that this game is still like 5 years away from being done?

    Wait, Star Citizen is a game? I thought it was just an email I was getting every second day after donating to some space charity?

    The servers are being hammered to crap (I started downloading about 10AM & it's still got 2gb left to go) and it's only single player for this release, multiplayer is being phased in over the next 2 updates. Apparently a few people have access to multiplayer at this stage but I've got no idea how to tell beyond getting the game and seeing if the option is lit up

    [Short Sentence]

      Actually, as far as average sentences go, I'd call it a medium sentence.

    After the slow download (took me about 4-5hrs for 10gn due to varying speeds) I got in with no hassle. Put my helmet on, jumped in the loaner ship they have me (I have a Freelancer), and started the DFM.

    Quick note to anyone using mouse and keyboard. Press ctrl+F, much easier to fly. To make it even more easier to fly, get a controller!! Mouse doesn't seem to optimised at the moment.

    The site was being hammered so hard yesterday I couldn't even download the 30MB installer, let alone the rest of the 10GB. But I realised I'm happy to wait for a more complete product anyway.

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