Steam Sales Could Be Coming, Let's Watch This Video And Weep

There seems to be a growing body of evidence stating that the Steam Sales are coming. VG247 has collected a comprehensive list of the reasons why we can expect to go bankrupt at some point between June 19 and June 30, and another leaked ad seems to confirm this date. Hold on to your (money) hats people, we're going for a ride.

But while you wait, check your bank balances and have a good long hard think convincing yourself Two Minute Noodles are a legitimate source of nutrition, why not watch this pretty brilliant video representation of what happens when Steam Sales come to town. It features Lord of the Rings, Gaben, Steam Sales and general hilarity.

Good luck people. We're going to need it.


    Fantastic. Fortunately I only want a handful of games

    Ignoring the egregious spelling/homophone error, I'm a fan of this one:

    Hahah wow! That made me laugh way to much!

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    My wallet is currently under witness protection... locked up in a safe, encased in concrete, at the bottom of the deepest ocean, on the farthest planet from here, in another dimension, and in another time period.

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      Too bad Gaben has a device that allows absolute access to any wallet ever. All he needs to do is allow for a one year cycle before he can activate such device, but his time is nigh. Your wallet better have been properly braced before you placed it there.

    Too much game backlog to even consider more games from steam, wouldn't care at this point if they were free.

      See, my RATIONAL brain says that. Then my idiot dog brain goes, "Ohboyohboyohboy bargainsbargainsbargains LOOK AT THAT DISCOOOOOUNT 85%!?! Gimmegimmegimme!"

    I've been enjoying the GOG sale. My computer isn't good enough to make the most of Steam sales.

    I laughed so hard when I saw "I hope dark soul 2 is on sale. I want that sh*t so bad". but yea, I also want that sh*t so bad lol

    Steam sales excite me, but I've bought so many games on Steam when they were cheap (library of somewhere around $4-5k) that every sale there are fewer and fewer to buy. Think I only picked up one last time around.

    Important vid:

      You think he'd make his bed when doing a video.

    Aside from that being one of the dumbest videos on the Internet (a place with stiff competition for such an honour), what I would like to know is how much the average person really spends during these sales and whether it's really tragic compared to their normal spending?

    I mean, they have these big sales what... quarterly? If you're mentally challenged enough to shop at say EB Games and buy two or three titles a month, that's $200-$300 (minimum) right there. Shop smarter and you can halve that. But when you buy up a bunch of games on sale through Steam to the same value there's this sense of guilt or loss of control that runs rampant whenever these sales are on. If you're spending more than that I fear you're not shopping smart and getting your game cheaper elsewhere. As such you may have deeper problems which you might want to get under control before it affects your ability to function normally on a day-to-day basis.

    It's a funny video, but Aragorn offers solid advice, people. This is how you handle a Steam Sale.

    That is really spot on!
    And even if you miss a daily sale or a flash sale, it will be back before summer sales are over.

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