Steam Sales: Our Recommendations

The Steam sales have begun, and we all know what that means: it means spending money on games you'll most likely never play purely because they're so cheap. It means that Junior won't be getting that trust fund. It means Two Minute Noodles for lunch.

But regardless, we're here to help fuel your descent towards bankruptcy. A group of us in the office took a look at today's Steam Sales, and here are our recommendations...

Hotline Miami

Mark Serrels, Kotaku It's $1.50. Seriously. $1.50. I literally couldn't find a can of Pepsi in Circular Quay for that price.

Now ask yourself what's better: a shitty aluminium can filled with dead calories and sugar or one of the best games of 2012/2013? A game with one of the best soundtracks in any video game ever.

Seriously. If you don't already own Hotline Miami, you have to get on that. Particularly with a sequel on the way.

Or go and get that can of Pepsi. Your call.

Mirror's Edge

Danny Allen, Publisher My pick: Mirror’s Edge. I’ve played it to death on PS3, but having it on my laptop for $5.30 will be a welcomed distraction on delayed train trips home. I’m also looking for inspiration after starting some basic parkour lessons (for fitness — I lack the dexterity to ever be a street ninja.) Faith is also till one of the better female protagonists around. Look forward to getting back in her free running shoes.

Far Cry 3

Campbell Simpson, Gizmodo It might get a little repetitive towards the end of the game, and the plot is a little bro-y, but as open-world first person shooters go I really like Far Cry 3. It's one of the few games I bothered to finish last year. The range of weapons is extensive, the gunplay is polished, and if you can get over the initial upset of hunting and chopping up a menagerie of animals, the crafting and skills system actually works pretty well.

Fallout 3

Luke Hopewell, Gizmodo Fallout 3 was a game that I bought for Xbox 360 way back in 2008. I’d never played Fallout before and wanted to see what it was all about. What followed was the game disc taking up residence in my console’s CD tray for eight whole months. I’ve always found something new and stupid to do in the Capitol Wasteland. It’s a world of myths and monsters; phat loot and rad crafting. The characters are rich and the landscape is vast. The game itself is $US5 on Steam right now, and the GOTY edition with three addition DLC packs (which I haven’t yet played) is $US12. Can I go home and play it yet?

The Witcher 2

Chris Jager, Lifehacker The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is easily one of the best RPGs ever made. With its gritty, adult narrative, fascinating NPCs and enjoyably fluid combat, it makes Skyrim look like an oversized sandbox of crap cosplayers. (Send your letters of outrage to Mark, please.) At full price, this game was already excellent value for money — but for $3.99? That's flipping bonkers, that is.

In terms of bang-for-your-buck, this works out at around seven cents per hour of gameplay. And that's not including the high replay value thanks to the branching story arcs and multiple ways to complete each quest. If you're even remotely partial to RPGs and haven't got around to playing The Witcher 2 yet​, this is the deal to get.

What have you picked up in the sales so far? Let us know in the comments below.


    Witcher 2 is hands down one of the best games ever made. They are under charging.

      I thought the last act was a huge let down but I did love the game.. super pretty on ultra.

        I think I'll go back to Witcher 2 after I bulk up my rig next month. I have an i7 and 8 gigs of ram but an underpowered graphics card that was bottlenecking my PC even 2 years ago when I got it. Witcher 2 sadly chugs on anything but the lowest settings making it a chore to play.

          Worth mentioning there's a known issue with The Witcher 2 and chugging, even on high end cards. I ran it on max settings on my SLI Titans and it ran like a pig. Knew something was wrong. There's a simple fix someone pointed out to me, but damned if I can remember what it was - it's an executable change, or a patch or something? Whatever it was, I did it and the game runs flawlessly.

          It may be your rig isn't up to it, but be aware you could still be having issues even if it is.

          Last edited 20/06/14 1:56 pm

            Make sure übersampling is turned off, that was apparently great for pretty screenshots but made the game run terribly on most PCs.

              I've had that mentioned, and could help - has done a lot of people from what I can see. But this was a separate, technical issue that required a patch or fix of some sort.

      I think that might be arguable, the combat was not for every one. I found myself quite bored with the game play itself.

    Waiting patiently for Trials Fusion and Civ V to get cheaper ...

    As said before, Morrowwind so I can abuse Skywind when it's finally released. Maybe Day Z if it turns up in a flash sale. Watch Dogs, again if it's in a cheap enough sale. I really need to go and have a proper think about what games I want and limit myself to them

    Hotline Miami has gone back to $4

    And personally I'm waiting on Fallout to be a daily or flash, it might get cheaper. Already beat Fallout 3 GOTY on PS3 but never got around to New Vegas, Going to buy them both though, as #3 was great!

      I got Hotline Miami a few days ago during a GOG flash sale for $1.99. Damn, it's good.

    I bought Shadowrun: Dragonfall for NZ$10. 40% off so not too bad, I wouldn't be surprised if it gets cheaper, though.

    Don't Starve is a US$3.74 at the moment, which is definitely worth it.

    Gah! Kotaku is gimping out on my work PC at the moment so I can't reply to people and editing comments is intermittent as well :/
    Thanks for letting me know @ynefel, I did think it was screwy that my relatively new PC was struggling to produce results on par with the 360 despite the latter being considerably older. My graphics card isn't great but I still felt frustrated that it was *that* bad.

    I'll look into it.

    It's a massive gaming throwback for me this weekend.

    So far I've bought:

    Fallout 3 and it's associated DLC
    The Orange Box (close second is Half Life 2 and its Episodes)
    Papers, Please (never played it!)
    CS:GO (pew pew)
    Don't Starve
    Hotline Miami
    Far Cry 3

    All that for >$40. Thank you, Gaben.

      Papers, Please is fantastic. I might revisit it this weekend.

      I was about to grab the Orange Box, refreshed before I did and it had dropped another 5 bucks in the flash sale that had just started. Bingo!

      You will play 1, at most 2 and the rest shall be relegated to the pile of shame. As is customary for all Steam sales. :)

        Sure, but you will feel better knowing that you _can_ play any one of them. At any time of your choosing. Because it's there, sitting so prettily in your library.

        It's not my pile of shame. It's my pile of gloriousness. And what an impressive pile it is.

    Fallout 3 includes 5 DLC items, not 3. You should really be throwing in FAIR WARNING that the game still suffers some GFWL issues without third party mods (search NexusMods). Inexcusable.

    Also fair warning, Steam OFTEN insult their buyers by having flash/vote deals later in the week that have better discounts than what is currently available. Whats 75% today might be 80 or 90% tomorrow and it feels like a punch in the face when they do that. If a deal is going to expire on July 1, WAIT until then. Don't spend now and feel like shit when it gets an even better discount. Its not like they'll run out of copies. Always note when the deal is going to expire.

    Payday 2 DLC is cheap too, picked up all of the expansions minus the soundtracks. Might wait for the Bank Heist to come down before I get that one.

    The Mrs is threatening to take away my credit card....

    ...luckily I have all the details on brain speed dial. I wonder if Steam sale marriage counselling will become a "thing"?

    I see stick of truth is only $40. EB had it for $37 in their sales. Poor form Steam.

    Just remember when your at the checkout to gift it to yourself. That way if you don't play it you can always trade it to a mate

    A mate of mine explained the Steam summer sale to his female friends like this:

    "It's like a shoe sale where you don't tell your partner how much you really spent". Never a truer word has been spoken.

    Hotline Miami is a wicked game. Great music, fast paced over the top fuck 'em up action. Well worth the $4

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