Submerged Is Gorgeous, Uses Unreal Engine 4 And Is Being Built In Australia

Uppercut Games is a small development based in Canberra made up of former Irrational Games members. Submerged is their latest work in progress — an exploration adventure game where you struggle to rescue your brother after "escaping from a terrible past". It's being created in Unreal Engine 4 and it already looks spectacular.

Very little is known about the game at this stage, but Submerged is set in a flooded city and your only means of transport is a simple fishing boat.

I'm looking forward to seeing the game in motion, but the concept — the idea of exploring a broken down city after a catastrophic flood — has already piqued my interest. I love the idea of cities in decay: and when you consider that the team worked on games like BioShock, Uppercut Games seems perfectly placed to create a video game that shows the ravages of flooding. Rapture was, after all, a city in decay, constantly fighting a against the oppression of water leaking from every square inch.

But there is already an otherworldly beauty about Submerged. Considering it's only been in development for months, with a small team of three artists, that's quite the achievement.


    Looks amazing
    Keep on top of updates for this!

    Wow. Looks fantastic.

    "Escaping for a terrible past"? Is that supposed to be, "escaping from a terrible past" or is there time travel in the game?

    Keep as updated with as many Aussie games as possible!

    Exploration game? Does this mean I wont learn about myself by shooting dudes in the face? I hope so ;)

    Send these guys some more artists so they can incorporate more varied assets - a game about exploration with similar looking environments will hold it back. Also Ken Levine twitted about this, so that's cool.

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