Sunset Overdrive Comes Out October 28

Sunset Overdrive Comes Out October 28

Insomniac Games' Xbox One exclusive hits this fall.

If you needed another reason to love Sunset Overdrive, here's one: it just made a joke about 90% of the other shooters on the gaming landscape.

A promo clip at the beginning of Sunset Overdrive's spotlight at the Xbox press conference featured a soldier huddled beind a crate as assailants fired at him. Then a Sunset character blasted in a display of the kind of the over the-top, propulsive gameplay the game's been teasing.


    The fact that we're all loving a game because it had the audacity to make a JOKE at a press-conference probably better highlights how inhuman these presentations have become.

      All of which was almost spoiled immediately by inhuman presentation skills of middle aged white guy.

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